Digby the Biggest Dog in the World (1973)

35mm film, Technicolor, 1.33:1
mono, English

A British fantasy film directed by Joseph McGrath.

Plot Summary

A scientist uses his new serum to grow a household pet to enormous proportions. But Digby gets free and the race is on to administer the antidote before the military destroy him.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Joseph McGrath
© Walter Shenson Films Ltd. MCMLXXIII [1973]
City Investing Company presents a Walter Shenson Films production
Executive Producer: Irwin Margulies
Produced by: Walter Shenson
Associate Producer: Leon Becker
Production Supervisor: Denis Johnson Jr
Screenplay by: Michael Pertwee
Screen Story by: Charles Isaacs
Based on the Book [Hazel] by: Ted Key
Assistant Director: Roger Simons
Continuity: Phyllis Townshend
Director of Photography: Harry Waxman
Camera Operator: Gerry Anstiss
Gaffer: Steve Birtles *
Film Editor: Jim Connock
Assistant Editor: Cyril Simon
Music: Edwin T. Astley
Sound Recording: Leslie Hammond, William Rowe
Dubbing Editor: Rusty Coppleman
Wardrobe: Charles Guerin, Eileen Sullivan
Make-up: Jill Carpenter
Hairdressing: Stephanie Kaye
Photographic Effects: Tom Howard
Art Director: Maurice Fowler
Set Dresser: Peta Button
Production Accountant: Maurice Landsberger *
Assistant to the Producer: James C. Katz
Circus Sequence: Cottle & Austin Circus
Filmed at EMI-MGM Elstree Studios England

Jim Dale (Jeff Eldon)
Spike Milligan (Dr Harz)
Angela Douglas (Janine)
John Bluthal (Jerry)
Norman Rossington (Tom)
Milo O'Shea (Dr Jameson)
Richard Beaumont (Billy White)
Dinsdale Landen (Colonel Masters)
Garfield Morgan (Rogerson)
Victor Spinetti (Professor Ribart)
Harry Towb (ringmaster)
Kenneth J. Warren (General Frank)
Bob Todd (The Great Manzini)
Margaret Stuart (assistant)
Molly Urquhart (Aunt Ina)
Victor Maddern (dog home manager)
Frank Thornton (estate agent)
Sandra Caron (General's aide)
Edward Underdown (grandfather)
Ben Aris (Army Captain)
Sheila Steafel (control operator)
Clovissa Newcombe (bunny girl)
Rob Stewart (train driver)
Maxine Casson (telephone operator)
Henry McGee (TV announcer)

Alternative Titles

Digby – Der größte Hund der Welt – West Germany
Digby, världens största hund – Sweden
Tobia il cane più grande che ci sia – Italy
Turri – koiraa kerrakseen – Finland

Extracts included in
Dusk to Dawn Drive-In Trash-o-Rama Show Vol 1 (1996)



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