Die Sister, Die! (1972)

USA, 1972
35mm film, Metrocolor, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Randall Hood.

Plot Summary

A man hires a nurse to look after his dying sister but is really trying to recruit an accomplice to kill her.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Randall Hood
© [not given on screen]
Project Blue *
Executive Producer: Geoffrey Beaumont
Produced by: Randall Hood
Screen Play by: Tony Sawyer
From a Story by: William Hersey
Director of Photography: Michael Lonzo
Music Composed by: Hugo Friedhofer
Production Sound: Ken King
Wardrobe: Shannon Eubanks
Make-up: Marvin Westmore
Art Director: Ronald Kent Foreman

Jack Ging (Edward [Price])
Edith Atwater (Amanda [Price])
Antoinette Bower (Esther [Harper])
Kent Smith (Dr Thorne)
Robert Emhardt [James Lendon Price]
Burt Santos
Rita Conde [Mrs Gonzalez]
Jack Lester
Roger Hampton [garden centre salesman]
Peg Shirley [Nell Price]
Lidia Kristin
Cletus Young
Bradley Thrush

Alternative Titles

The Companion – working title
Crève petite soeur, crève – France (video)
Dö, syster dö – Sweden
Muere hermana, muere – Spain

Die Sister, Die! (2013)

Extracts included in
42nd Street Forever, Volume 4: Cooled by Refrigeration (2009)



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