Die Säge des Todes (1980)

Spain, West Germany, 1980
35mm, colour

A Spanish/West German horror film directed by Jesus Franco. The film’s violence earned it a place on the British “video nasties” list in July 1983.

Plot Summary

A disfigured young man who raped a woman at a masquerade party is released from psychiatric hospital five years later and goes to stay with his sister and disabled mother at the boarding school they run. Before long, students are starting to die in horrible ways – but who is responsible and why does no-one believe student Angela when she tries to tell people what’s going on?


Director: Jesus Franco
© {not given on screen]
A Lisa-Rapid-Metro film, München
Producer: Wolf C. Hartwig
Screenplay: Rayo Casablanca [real name: Erich Tomek]
Camera: Juan Soler
Editors: Karl Aulitzky, Christine Jank
Music: Gerhard Heinz
Costumes: Rolf Abrecht
Make-up: Lore Sottung
Special Effects: Juan Ramón Molina
Art Director: Klaus Haase
Locations: Alicante, Spain

Olivia Pascal (Angela)
Christopher Brugger [real name: Christoph Moosbrugger] (Alvaro)
Nadja Gerganoff (Manuela)
Jasmin Losensky (Inga)
Corinna Gillwald (Laura)
Ann-Beate Engelke (Eva)
Peter Exacoustas (Antonio)
Maria Rubio (Countess Maria Gonzales)
Antonia García (Elvira)
Beatriz Sancho Nieto (Rita)
Alexander Waechter (Miguel)
Otto W. Retzer [Bueno – uncredited]
Jesus Franco [doctor – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

Bloody Moon – UK, Netherlands title
Colegialas violadas – Spanish title
Profonde tenebre – Italian title

Extracts included in
Matador (1986)



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