Diabólica malicia (1971)

Spain, Italy, UK,
88m (Spain), 95m (UK)
mono, English

A Spanish/Italian/British horror film directed by James Kelley. Andrea Bianchi is credited (as Andrew White) as director on Italian prints.

Plot Summary

The beautiful young bride of a widowed English writer in Spain finds her life made a misery by his 12-year old son who has recently been expelled from school. The child is bright, but vicious, taking great delight in psychologically torturing his new stepmother – or is it all just in the woman's imagination?


Directors: James Kelley; Andrew White [real name: Andrea Bianchi] on Italian prints
Copyright by Leisure Media, Inc. MCMLXXI [1971] [on US prints]
A Leander Films-Leisure Media, Inc. production [on US prints]. An Avco Embassy Pictures release [on US prints]
Executive Producer: Oliver A. Unger
Produced by: Graham Harris; Harry Alan Towers *
Original Screenplay by: Trevor Preston
Directors of Photography: Harry Waxman, Luis Cuadrado
Camera Operators: Ronnie Maasz, Walter Byatt
Film Editor: Nicholas Wentworth
Assistant Editor: Alan Jones
Color by Movielab
Music Composed and Conducted by: Stelvio Cipriani
Sound Recordists: Peter Lodge, Roger Goodall
Sound Editors: John Ireland, Brian Holland
Re-recording Studio: Sound Associates Ltd
Made entirely on location in England and Spain
Location Manager: John Southwood

Mark Lester (Marcus)
Britt Ekland (Elise)
Hardy Kruger (Paul)
Lilli Palmer in the part of Dr Viorne
Harry Andrews (headmaster)
Conchita Montez (Sophie)
Collette Jack (Sarah)
Ricardo Palacios *
Emilio Rodríguez *
Ricardo Valle *

Alternative Titles

Child of the Night
– West German title
Night Child
Night Hair Child
La tua presenza nuda
– Italian title
What the Peeper Saw
– US title
Der Zeuge hinter der Wand
– West German title


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