Devil’s Playground (1976)

USA, 1976
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Rik Taz’iner. A gay porn version, Finger Lickin’ Good (1976), was shot on the same sets using the same script and featuring the same leading man.

Plot Summary

Lucifer arrives in San Francisco with his companion Angel and sets about seducing and corrupting three young women.


Directed by: Rik Taz’iner
© [not given on screen]
Aventura presents a film by Rik Tazi’ner
Executive Producers:
Produced by: R. Owen Teegee
Written by: Rik Taz’iner
Cinematography: Ricardo Lomas
2nd Unit Cinematography: Jeremy and Jodi
Edited by: Aventura Assoc.
Costuming: D. Montoya
Art and Make-up: Jim Guthrie
Production Design: H. Richards

Kelly Guthrie [Lucifer]
Desiré [real name: Desiree West]
Angie Dicks [real name: Angela Haze]
Bonnie Holiday [Angel]
Paul Tomas [real name: Paul Thomas] [Uncle Fred]
Sue Hicks
Mimi Hale [real name: Mimi Zuber]

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