Devils of Darkness (1964)

UK, 1964
35mm film, colour, 1.37:1
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Lance Comfort.

Plot Summary

While on holiday in Brittany, Paul Baxter and his friends are attacked by a Satanist cult led by the vampire Count Sinistre. The only survivors of the massacre are Paul and Madeleine, but when he returns to Britain, Paul begins to suspect that Madeleine has fallen under Sinistre spell and has helped him arrive in the UK. Paul has fallen in love with a model, Karen, who now becomes the object of Sinistre’s attention…


Directed by: Lance Comfort
© Planet Film Distributors MCMLXIV [1964]
Produced by: Tom Blakeley
Original Story and Screenplay by: Lyn Fairhurst
Photographed in Eastman Colour by: Reg Wyer
Camera Operator: Frank Drake
Editor: John Trumper
Music Composed and Arranged by: Bernie Fenton
Sound Recordists: Robert T. MacPhee, Gordon K. McCallum
Wardrobe: Muriel Dickson
Make-up: George Blackler
Hairdressing: Biddy Chrystal
Art Director: John St John Earl
Produced at: Pinewood Studios, London, England

William Sylvester (Paul Baxter)
Hubert Noël (Arman du Moliere, le Comte Sinistre)
Carole Gray (Karin Steele)
Tracy Reed (Tania)
Diana Decker (Madeleine Braun)
Rona Anderson (Anne Forest)
Peter Illing (Inspector Malin)
Gerard Heinz (Bouvier)
Brian Oulton (the colonel)
Walter Brown (Bruno)
Eddie Byrne (Dr Robert Kelsey)
Victor Brooks (Inspector Hardwick)
Marianne Stone (the duchess)
Marie Burke (gypsy woman)
Avril Angers (Midge)
John Taylor (Sergeant Miller)
Frank Forsyth (caretaker)
Geoffrey Kenion (Keith Forrest)
Murray Kash (gypsy chief)
Rod McLennan (Dave)
Burnell Tucker (Derek)
Margaret Denver (Tania’s mother)
Olwen Brookes (landlady)
Billy Milton (library)

Alternative Titles

Los diablos de la oscuridad – Spain
Gruft der toten Frauen – Germany



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