Deviation (1971)

Eastmancolor, 2.35:1 (“widescreen” – on screen credit)
mono, English

A Swedish borderline horror film directed by José Ramón Larraz using the name J.R.Larrath.


Directed by: J.R.Larrath [real name: José Ramón Larraz]
© [not given on screen]
Saga Film A.B. Stockholm presents
Produced by: Remo Odevaine and J.R.Larrath [real name: José Ramón Larraz]
Screenplay by: J.R.Larrath [real name: José Ramón Larraz]
Based on an idea by: Sture Sjöstedt
Assistant Director: Tony Barrel
Script Girl: Renée Glynne
Director of Photography: Arthur Lavis
Cameraman: Ken Paul
Assistant Cameraman: Brian Ellis
Still Photographer: Eric Plunkett
Editor: Carlo Reali
Assistant Editor: Maurizio Mangosi
Prints by: Rank Film Laboratories Ltd.
Music Composed by: Stelvio Cipriani
Published by C.A.M. S.p.a.
Special [Sound] Effects: Luciano Anzellotti, Roberto Arcangeli
Sound Recording and Mixing: International Recording Studios Rome
Westrex Recording System
Wardrobe: Dennis Simmons
Make-up: Jimmy Evans
Hair Stylist: Peter Hattwood
Art Director: Diana Morris
Filmed in London

Karl Lanchbury (Julian)
Lisbet Lundquist (Rebecca)
Sibyla Grey (Olivia)
Malcolm Terris (Paul)
Shelagh Wilcocks (Auntie)
Geoffrey Wincott (old man chemist)
Frederick Schrecker (old man taxidermist)
Andrew Grant
Debbi Garland (Vivian)
Hugh Fraser
Terence Lenis
Hillary Gotter, Lucienne Camille (women at orgy)