Destination Inner Space (1966)

USA, 1966
35mm film, Eastmancolor, 1.85:1
mono (Glen Glenn Sound), English

An American science fiction film directed by Francis D. Lyon.

Plot Summary

Scientists aboard a deep-sea research station find an alien spaceship.


Directed by: Francis D. Lyon
© MCMLXVI [1966] by Television Enterprises Corp.
United Pictures Corporation in association with Harold Goldman Associates, Inc. presents
Executive Producer: Fred Jordan
Produced by: Earle Lyon
Associate Producer: Wendell E. Niles Jr
Screenplay by: Arthur C. Pierce
Director of Photography: Brick Marquard
Supervising Sound Editor: Robert S. Eisen
Music by: Paul Dunlap
Sound Mixer: John L. Bury
Makeup: Bob Dawn
Hairdresser: Linda Trainoff
Special Effects: Roger George
Amphibian Created by: Richard Cassarino
Art Director: Paul Sylos Jr
Casting: Kerwin Coughlan, Jasper Russell

Scott Brady (Commander Wayne)
Sheree North (Sandra Welles)
Gary Merrill ( LaSatier)
Wende Wagner (Rene Peron)
Mike Road (Hugh Maddox)
John Howard ( James)
William Thourlby (Tex)
Biff Elliott ( Wilson)
Glen Sipes (Mike)
Richard Niles (Ellis)
Roy Barcroft (Skipper)
Ken Delo (radio man)
Ron Burke (“The Thing”)
James Hong (Ho Lee)

Alternative Titles

Conflicto en el fondo del mar – Mexico
Destinaţia spaţiul din adâncuri – Romania
Destino: espacio interior – Spain
Døden på dypet – Norway
L’invasione – Marte attacca Terra – Italy
Le monstre des profondeurs – Canada (French)
To teras pou ilthe apo to diastima – Greece
Terror of the Deep
Viagem Rumo ao Infinito – Brazil
呪いの深海獣 – Japan



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