Der Fluch der schwarzen Schwestern (1973)

West Germany, Sweden, 1973
35mm film, Eastmancolor
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

A West German/Swedish horror film directed by Joseph W. Sarno.

Plot Summary

Four young women and a young man arrive at a remote castle high in the mountains of Germany. In the basement, other women practice strange Satanic rites as the try to revive a vampire countess.


Directed by: Joseph W. Sarno
© [not given on screen]
A Monarex production in association with Saga Film
Executive Producers: Dominik Huser, Sture Sjoestedt
Produced by: Chris D. Nebe
Production Manager: Marijan Vajda Sr
Written by: Joseph W. Sarno
Assistant Director: Marijan Vajda Jr
Script: Mickey Kley
Director of Photography: Steve Silverman
Assistant Camera Man: Norbert U. Friedlaender
Gaffer: Helmut Flieger
1st Electrician: Wolfgang Tagusch
Stills: Gert S. Kreutschmann
Edited by: K. H. Fugunt, Dietmar Preuss
Music by: Rolf-Hans Mueller
Sound: Thomas Faber Hume
Costumes: Peggy Steffans
Make Up: Erika Koenig, Alexandra de Jongh
Hair Styles: Helmut Pohl
Title Design & Special Effects: Team Trick
Sets: Cleo Nova [real name: Peggy Steffans], Armin Rye

Nadia Henkowa (Wanda)
Anke Syring (Julia Malenkow)
Nico Wolf [real name: Nico Wolferstetter] (Peter Malenkow)
Ulrike Butz (Monika)
Flavia Keyt
Alon D’Armand
Irina Kant [real name: Claudia Fielers]
Natascha Michnowa
Eric Mancy
Christa Jaeger
Heidrun Hankammer
Marie Forså as Helga

Alternative Titles

Ancora di più – Italy
Le Château des messes noires – Canada (France)
The Devil’s Plaything – UK, USA (DVD)
Möte med djävulen – Sweden (re-release)
Plaything of the Devil – Australia
Den Pornografiske jungfrun – Sweden
Das Schloss der schwarzen Hexen – Germany (video)
Vampire Ecstasy – USA (video)
Veil of Blood – Hong Kong
Les Vierges des messes noires – France
De Vlock der zwartze zusters – Belgian (Flemish)



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