Den Skæbnesvangre opfindelse (1910)

35mm film, black and white, 1.33:1

A Danish horror film directed by August Blom.


Directed by: August Blom
Produced by: Ole Olsen
Written by: August Blom
Cameraman: Axel Sørensen

Alwin Neuss (Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde)
Emilie Sannom
Holger Pedersen
Ella la Cour
Victor Fabian
Rigmor Jerichau
Julie Henriksen

Alternative Titles

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – English language title
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a Strange Case – English language title
Invención fatal, o Jekyll y Hyde, La – Spanish title
L'Invention fatale, ou Le Docteur Jekyll et Mr. Hyde – French title
L'invenzione fatale, o Il Dottore Jekyll e il Signor Hyde – Italian title
Ein Seltsamer Fall – German title



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