Demons of the Mind (1972)

89m, 8,003 feet
35mm, Technicolor
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Peter Sykes.

Plot Summary

Baron Zorn has imprisoned his two incestuous children Elizabeth and Emil in his gloomy mansion. Discredited scientist Professor Falkenberg and his student Carl are duped into trying to cure the adolescent but soon realise that the cause of the family madness is Zorn himself. After shooting Falkenberg, Zorn sets out to hunt down his children who have escaped captivity…


* = uncredited

Directed by: Peter Sykes
© MCMLXXI [1971] Hammer Film Productions Limited
Nat Cohen presents for Anglo-EMI Film Distributors Ltd a Hammer production in association with Frank Godwin Productions Ltd. Released through MGM/EMI Distributors Limited. Distributed by Anglo/EMI Film Distributors Limited
Produced by: Frank Godwin
Screenplay by: Christopher Wicking
From an Original Story by: Christopher Wicking and Frank Godwin
Director of Photography: Arthur Grant
Editor: Chris Barnes
Music Composed by: Harry Robinson
Sound Recordist: John Purchese
Wardrobe Supervisor: Rosemary Burrows
Make-Up: Trevor Crole-Rees
Hairdressing: Maud Onslow
Designer: Michael Stringer

Paul Jones (Carl [Richter])
Patrick Magee ([Doctor] Falkenberg)
Gillian Hills (Elizabeth [Zorn])
Robert Hardy ([Count] Zorn)
Michael Hordern (priest)
Yvonne Mitchell ([Aunt] Hilda)
Kenneth J. Warren (Klaus)
Virginia Wetherell (Inge)
Robert Brown (Fischinger)
Barry Stanton (Ernst)
Deirdre Costello (Magda)
Shane Briant (Emil [Zorn])
Sidonie Ward (Zorn's wife)
Thomas Heathcote (coachman)
John Atkinson (1st villager)
George Cormack (2nd villager)
Mary Hignett (matronly woman)
Sheila Raynor (old crone)
Jan Adair (1st girl)
Jane Cardew (2nd girl)
Glenda Allen [girl] * 1Today's Cinema no.9954 (5 November 1971) p.15

Alternative Titles

Besat af daemoner – Denmark
Blood Will Have Blood
Oi daimonismenoi – Greece
Dämonen der Seele – West Germany
Demonene vakner – Denmark
Demonersnas makt – Sweden
Demoni della mente – Italy
Demonios de la mente – Spain
Demonios da Mente – Brazil
Les Demons de l'esprit – Belgium
Demony wyobrazni – Poland
Nightmare of Terror
Paholaisen vallassa – Finland
De rode kamers van de geest – Belgium
Rose rosse per il demonio – Italy



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