Demon Wind (1989)

35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
4-track stereo, English

An American horror film directed by Charles Philip Moore.

Plot Summary

Cory takes a group of his friends to investigate an old family shack in the middle of nowhere, It turns out that his grandparents dabbled in and that the shack and its environs are haunted by .


Directed by: Charles Philip Moore
© MCMLXXXIX [1989] Demon Wind Productions, Ltd.
United Filmmakers presents a Paul Hunt/Michael Bennett production. A United Filmmakers release
Executive Producer: Peter Collins
Produced by: Michael Bennett and Paul Hunt
Written by: Charles Philip Moore
Director of Photography: Thomas Callaway
Film Editor: Chris Roth
Music: Bruce Wallenstein
Sound Mixer: Darrell Cotton
Costume Designer: Jan Rowton
Key Makeup Artist: Julie Travis-Socash
Hair Cutters: Jay Wellington, Lynn Eagan
Special Make-up Effects by: Lance Anderson
Special Mechanical Effects: Fred Cramer, Bob King
Production Designer: Don Day

Eric Larson (Cory)
Francine Lapensee (Elaine)
Bobby Johnston (Dell)
Lynn Clark (Terri)
Mark David Fritsche (Jack)
Sherry Bendorf (Bonnie)
Jack Vogel (Stacy)
Stephen Quadros (Chuck)
Richard Gabai (Willy)
Mia Ruiz (Reena)
Kym Sawtelle (Harriet)
Stella Kastner (Regina (farm woman))
Jake Jacobson (Cory's father)
Axel Toowey (George (farm man))
C.D.J. Koko 1Credited as D. Koko in end credits] (great demon)
Rufus Norris (Harcourt)

Alternative Titles

Démoni szél – Hungary
Demoniczny wiatr – Poland
Il soffio del diavolo – Italy
O Sopro do Demónio – Portugal
Tanz der Dämonen – West Germany
Tanz der Monster – West Germany
Tanz der Zombies – West German (video)
Viento del infierno – Spain
Viento maldito – Mexico
Η Εξουσία του δαίμονα – Greece
Ветер демонов – Russia

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  • Cinefantastique vol.22 no.2 (October 1991) pp.56-57; 57 – illustrated article (Demon Wind the horrors of low-budget production by Frederick C. Szebin); credits, review (Enjoyable clone of Sam Raimi's Evil Dead by David Wilt)


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