Demented Death Farm Massacre… the Movie (1986)

USA, 1986
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Donn Davison and Fred Olen Ray. The film was originally Shantytown Honeymoon (aka Honey Britches) directed by Donn Davison in 1971 which was bought by Ray in the early 1980s. He filmed new sequences featuring John Carradine as the Judge of Hell and sold it under this title to Troma in 1986.

Plot Summary

A gang of jewel thieves hide in the home of a hillbilly couple.


Directed by: Donn Davison and Fred Olen Ray
Copyright 1986 Troma Inc.
The Troma Team presents a Davison/Ray film
Produced by: Donn Davison and Fred Olen Ray
Associate Producer: Margot Noel Breir
Screenplay by: Barbara Davison [in opening titles] Barbara Morris Davison [in end titles]
Assistant Director: Margot Noel Breier
Assistant to the Director: Trudy McCullough
Continuity: Margot Noel Breier
Director of Photography/Cameraman: Avrum M. Fine
Gaffers: Robert Day, Ben Ennis
Grip: Steve Tanner
Still Photographer: Lynn Wheeler
Editor: Avrum M. Fine
Additional Editing by: Robert P. Walzer
Sound Engineer: John Pastore
Special Effects: Don Friedman
Titles: Studio 1 Productions
Publicity: Bill Bruning

John Carradine
George Ellis
Ashley Brookes [in opening titles] Asjley Brooke [in end titles]
Trudy Moore
Mike Coolik
Jim Peck
Pepper Thurston
Valarie Lipsey
R. Kenneth Wade
Alan Davis, Ben Ennis, Chris Christ (moonshine customers)

Alternative Titles

Demented Death Farm Massacre
Death Farm
Honey Britches
Honey Pie
Little Whorehouse on the Prairie
Moonshiners’ Women
Shantytown Honeymoon
The Hillbilly Hooker
Dias de Horror y Muerte – Spain (video)
Die Todesfarm – West Germany



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