Delirium (1979)

16mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Peter Maris.


Directed by: Peter Maris
A Peter Maris film. Delirium Associates, Odyssey, Worldwide
Executive Producer: Mark Cusumano
Produced by: Sonny Vest, Peter Maris
Associate Producer: Richard Yalem
Screenplay by: Peter Maris, Richard Yalem
Story by: James Lowe, Eddie Krell, Richard Yalem
Directors of Photography: John Huston, Bill Mensch
Edited by: Dan Perry
Original Music by: David Williams
Special Effects: Bob Shelley

Turk Cekovsky (Paul Dollinger)
Debi Chaney (Susan Norcross)
Terry Ten Broeck (Larry Mead)
Barron Winchester (Eric Stem)
Bob Winters (Donald Andrews)
Garrett Bergfeld (Mark)
Nick Panouzis as Charlie [Gunther]
Chris Chronopolis (Detective Parker)
Jack Garvey (Devlin)
Harry Gorsuch (Captain Hearn)
Mike Kalist (Specter)
Myron Kozman (Wells)
Lloyd Schattyn (Detective Simms)

Alternative Titles

Kuolemaan tuomittu – Finland
Psycho Puppet



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