Déjà Vu (1984)

UK, USA, 1984
35mm film, colour
stereo, English

An American horror film directed by Anthony B. Richmond.

Plot Summary

Scriptwriter Gregory Thomas becomes convinced that his actress wife Maggie is the reincarnation of a ballerina, Brooke Ashley, who died mysteriously in 1935. He, in turn, bears a startling resemblance to Ashley’s choreographer/lover Michael Richardson and is soon bedevilled by ghostly messages left on his answerphone and dire warnings from Ashley’s crazed – and supposedly long dead – mother. Thomas eventually discovers that the insanely jealous mother set fire to Richardson’s house, unaware that her daughter was trapped inside – and now Maggie has become possessed by the still crazed spirit of the mother.


Directed by: Anthony B. Richmond
© Dixons Films MCMLXXXIV [1984]
The Cannon Group, Inc. presents a Golan-Globus production of an Anthony Richmond film. Produced by London Cannon Films Ltd. in association with Dixons Films
Produced by: Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus
Associate Producer: Michael Kagan
Screenplay by: Ezra D. Rappaport & Anthony Richmond and Arnold Schmidt
Adaptation by: Joane A. Gil
Based on the Novel Always by: Trevor Meldel-Johnsen
Director of Photography: David Holmes
Editor: Richard Trevor
Music by: Pino Donaggio
Sound Mixer: Colin Charles
Costume Designer: Marit Allen
Make-up Supervisor: Basil Newall
Supervising Hairdresser: Jan Dorman
Production Designer: Tony Woollard

Jaclyn Smith (Brooke/Maggie)
Shelley Winters (Olga [Nabokova])
Claire Bloom (Eleanor [Harvey])
Nigel Terry (Michael/Greg)
Richard Kay (William Tanner (1935))
Frank Gatliff (William Tanner (1984))
Michael Ladkin (Willmer)
David Lewin (reporter)
Marianne Stone (Mabel)
Virginia Guy (lead dancer)
David Adams (chauffeur)
Josephine Buchan (research assistant)
Richard Graydon (Captain Wilson)
Claire Bayliss, Elizabeth Cantillon, Robin James, Philippa Luce, Wendy Roe, Gillian Winn (dancers)

Alternative Titles

Always – working title
Amore e morte – Italy
Ella, escalofriante realidad – Spain
Kosto on ikuinen – Finland



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