Deep Hatred (2019)

Brazil, USA, 2019
digital video, colour, 1.78:1
stereo, English

A Brazilian horror film directed by Ale McHaddo and Daniela Carvalho.

Plot Summary

Cindy returns to her family home after the death of her father only for her and her friends to fall foul of a curse.


Directed by: Ale McHaddo, Daniela Carvalho
© 2019 Iron Chest Productions & Rendered Scream Films
MPX – Motion Picture Exchange presents an Iron Chest Films & Rendered Scream production
Executive Producers: Guilherme Machado de Sá, Nelson Botter Jr
Produced by: Ale McHaddo, Fernando Alonso, Guilherme Machado de Sá, Nelson Botter Jr, Phil Miler
Written by: Ale McHaddo, Fernando Alonso
Director of Photography: Gege Portioli
Edited by: Nicolás Goldbart
Music by: Bandeira 8
Production Sound Mixer: Danilo Navarro
Costume Designer: Marcela de Andrade
Hair Design/Make-Up: Dri Chepezan
Special Effects: Roger Matua
[Visual] FX Supervisor: Nelso Suoto
Visual Effects: 44 FX
Additional Visual Effects: Carlos Eduardo Nogueira
Art Director: Fernando Alonso
Casting Director: Phil Miler

Sarah Drust (Cindy)
Jeremy Sless (Mark)
Evan Judson (Nathan)
Marcella Marques (Jennifer)
Phil Miler (Adam)
Roseli Silva (Beth)
Ricardo Ripa (Robert)
Bruno Buaiz (The Drowned)
Nelson Botter Jr (William)
Fernando Alonso (priest 1)
Guilherme Machado de Sá (priest 2)

Alternative Titles

Заклятье. Таинственный дом – Russian title
증오의 밤 – South Korean title