Deathsport (1978)

83m, 7435 feet
35mm film, Metrocolor, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Henry Suso and Allan Arkush. Despite some claims elsewhere, it is not a sequel to Death Race 2000 (1974).

Plot Summary

In the aftermath of the Neutron Wars, the world has been divided into a collection of city states and wastelands. The city state of Zirpola, led by Lord Zirpola, is preparing for war on their neighbours Tritan and in order to test their new weapons, souped up motorcycles named Death Machines, they instigate Deathsport, a gladiatorial combat fought by criminals.


Directed by: Henry Suso, Allan Arkush
© 1978 New World Productions Inc.
New World Pictures presents. A New World picture
Produced by: Roger Corman
Screenplay by: Henry Suso, Donald Stewart
Story by: Frances Doel
Director of Photography: Gary Graver
Editor: Larry Bock
Music by: Andrew Stein
Sound: Paul Hunt
Wardrobe: Jane Ruhm
Make-up: Molly Martin
Special Photographic Effects – Mattes: Jack Rabin
Special Photographic Effects – Camera: Hank Stockert
Special Photographic Effects – Opticals: Philip Huff
Special Photographic Effects – Lineup: Darrell Huston
Art Director: Sharon Compton

David Carradine (Kaz Oshay)
Claudia Jennings (Deneer)
Richard Lynch (Ankar Moor)
William Smithers ( Karl)
Will Walker (Marcus Karl)
David McLean (Lord Zirpola)
Jesse Vint (Polna)
H.B. Haggerty (jailer)
John Himes (Tritan president)
Jim Galante (Tritan guard)
Peter Hooper (Mr Bakkar)
Brenda Venus (Adriann)
Gene Hartline (enforcer sergeant)
Chris Howell (stateman officer)
Valerie Rae Clark (dancer)
Archie Freeman (mutant)

Alternative Titles

Death Race 2050 – Germany (DVD)
Death Sport – Australia (television)
Deathsport 2020 – working title
Deporte mortal – Spain
Dødssport – Denmark
Giganten mit stählernen Fäusten – West Germany
Les gladiateurs de l'an 3000 – France
I gladiatori dell'anno 3000 – Italy
Guerreros del futuro – Peru
Ölüm sporu – Turkey
Śmiertelny sport – Poland
Sport smrti – Serbia
Todesrallye in Helix-City – West Germany (re-release)
Смертельный спорт – Russia
デススポーツ – Japan

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