Death Screams (1981)

35mm film, color by Deluxe
mono, English

An American horror film directed by David Nelson.

Plot Summary

Teenagers are murdered by a serial killer at a town fair.


Director: David Nelson
© 1981 A.B.A Productions Inc.
A United Film Distribution Company release
Executive Producers: Ernest Bouskos, Charles Ison
Producers: Charles Ison, Ernest Bouskos
Associate Producer: Parrish Todd
Screenplay by: Paul C. Elliott
Director of Photography: Darrell Cathcart
Supervising Editor: Charles Ison
Editor: Jerry Whittington
Music by: Dee Barton
Sound: Al Yelton
Wardrobe: Alice Taylor
Make up/Hairdresser: Barbara Galloway
Special Effects: Worth Keeter, Barbara Galloway
Art Director: Sara Robbins

Susan Kiger (Lilly)
Martin Tucker (Coach Neil Marshall)
William T. Hicks (Sheriff Avery)
Jennifer Chase (Ramona)
Jody Kay (Sandy)
Josh Gamble (Tom)
John Kohler (Diddle)
Hans Manship (Casey)
Andria Savio (Kathy)
Helene Tryon (Edna Sharpe)
Kurt Rector (Bob)
Mary Fran Lyman (Agnes Bottomley)
Monica Boston (Sheila)
Mike Brown (Walker)
Sharon Alley (Sara)
Larry Sprinkle (Ted)
Penny Miller (Angie)
Bill Ison (Arch Johnson)
David Leventhall (Jackson)
Debbie Ison (girl at kissing booth)
Gene Poole (hippie at kissing booth)

Alternative Titles

The House of Death
Night Screams

Extracts included in
Why Horror? (2014)


by Stephen Thrower p.516 – note