Death Race 2000 (1974)

USA, 1974
35mm film, Metrocolor
mono, English
Reviewed at The

An American science fiction film directed by Paul Bartel.

Plot Summary

In the year 2000, the United Republics of America is ruled over by the authoritarian Mr President and the masses are kept placated by the lethal Annual Trans-Continental Road Race. The winner of the race is not merely the first driver across the line in New LA, but the one who racks up the most points, scored by running down innocent bystanders. The 2000 race is being run by an unlikely quintet of outrageous participants in their personalized, souped-up killing machines – down-home country girl Calamity Jane Kelly in the Stud Bull wages a personal feud with cute neo-Nazi Matilda the Hun aboard her Buzzbomb, while Nero the Hero spends much of his time preening himself for his disinterested public. Stars of the Road Race world are Machine Gun Joe Viterbo and his hated rival Frankenstein, the president's champion, a man re-built so often that he hides his supposedly disfigured face behind a mask and can no longer remember who he actually is.


Directed by: Paul Bartel
© 1974 Columbia Associates Ltd.
New World Pictures presents
Produced by: Roger Corman
Associate Producer: Jim Weatherill
Screenplay by: Robert Thom and Charles Griffith
From a story by Ib Melchior [The Racers]
Photographed by: Tak Fujimoto
Edited by: Tina Hirsch
Music by: Paul Chihara
Sound Mixer: Lee Alexander
Costumer: Jane Rum
Make-Up: Pat Hutchence
Special Effects: Richard MacLean
Art Directors: Robinson Royce, B.B. Neel

David Carradine (Frankenstein)
Simone Griffeth (Annie Smith)
Sylvester Stallone (Machine Gun Joe Viterbo)
Mary Woronov (Calamity Jane Kelly)
Roberta Collins (Matilda the Hun)
Martin Kove (Nero the Hero)
Louisa Moritz (Myra)
The Real Don Steele (Junior Bruce)
Joyce Jameson (Grace Pander)
Carle Bensen (Harold)
Sandy McCallum (Mr President)
Paul Laurence (special agent)
Harriet Medin [real name: Harriet White] (Thomasina Paine)
Vince Trankina (Lieutenant Fury)
Bill Morey (Deacon)
Fred Grandy (Herman the German)
William Shephard (Pete)
Leslie McRay (Cleopatra)
Wendy Bartel (Laurie)
Jack Favorite (Henry)

Alternative Titles

Anno 2000 la corsa della morte – Italy
La carrera de la muerte del año 2000 – Spain
Carrera mortal – Venezuela
Carrera mortal 2000 – Argentina
Corrida da Morte – Ano 2000 – Brazil
La Course à la mort de l'an 2000 – France
Etos 2000: Koursa thanatou – Greece
Frankensteins Todesrennen – Austria, West Germany
Herrscher der Straße – Frankensteins Todesrennen – Germany (DVD)
Herrscher der Strasse – West Germany
Kalmanralli 2000 – Finland
Ölüm yarisi 2000 – Turkey
Rally thanatou sto etos 2000 – Greece (re-release)
Sasikvdilo rbola 2000 – Georgia
Les Seigneurs de la route – France (video)
Wyscig smierci – Poland

Death Race (2008)

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Hollywood Boulevard (1976)
Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America (1992)



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