Death Machine (1994)

UK, Japan,
35mm film, colour, 2.35:1
Dolby Stereo SR, English

A British/Japanese science fiction film directed by Stephen Norrington.

Plot Summary

When a robotic designer is fired, he unleashes his killer robot to take revenge on those who crossed him.


Directed by: Stephen Norrington
© 1994 Entertainment Film Distributors Ltd and JVC Victor Company of Japan Ltd
Entertainment Film Distributors and Victor Company of Japan Ltd presents a Fugitive Features production. A Stephen Norrington picture
Executive Producer: Jim Beach
Co-executive Producers: Nigel Green, Teruhiko Noguchi
Produced by: Dominic Anciano
Co-producer: Ray Burdis
Line Producer: Matthew Justice
Associate Producers: Heidi Lester, Stephen Norrington
Written by: Stephen Norrington
Director of Photography: John de Borman
Edited by: Paul Endacott
Music by: Crispin Merrell
Production Sound Mixer: Rudi Buckle
Costume Designer: Stephanie Collie
Make-Up: Lisa Boni
Hairdressing: Amanda Wheiland
Special Make-up FX: Dave Elsey and Creature FX
Special Effects Supervisor: Peter Hutchinson
Animatronic FX: Nik Williams and Animated Extras
Miniature FX Supervisor: Roy Scott
Warbeast Created by: Animated Extras
Digital FX Supervisor: Christian Hogue
Digital Image Manipulation: The Computer Film Company
Digital FX and Title Sequence by: Lost in Space
Matte FX: Mattes and Miniatures
Production Designer: Chris Edwards
Casting Director: Beth Charkham
Made at Pinewood Studios, England and on location in London and Los Angeles

Brad Dourif (Jack Dante)
Ely Pouget (Hayden Cale)
William Hootkins (John Carpenter)
John Sharian (Sam Raimi)
Martin McDougall (Yutani)
Andreas Wisniewski (Weyland)
Richard Brake (Scott Ridley)
Alex Brooks (Sheriff Dickson)
Stuart St. Paul (Glitching Hardman)
Jackie Sawiris (waitress)
Ann Marie Zola, Julie Cox (screaming demonstrators)
Kathleen Tessaro, Ronald Fernee, Lesley Lyon, Jason Shepherd (reporters)
Colleen Passard (anchor woman)
Robert Jezek (media controller)
Dominic Hawksley (argumentative executive)
Rachel Weisz (junior executive)
Nicola Van Dam (Cale's P.A.)
Rob Freeman (obstructive executive)
Randall Paul (Duty Sergeant Bateman)
Matthew Justice (oily corpse)

Alternative Titles

Cyber connections – Canada (French)
Death Machine – Monster aus Stahl – Germany
Gyilkológép – Hungary
Inventia ucigasa – Romania
A Máquina da Morte – Brazil
Máquina letal – Spain
Máquina mortal – Mexico
Mašina smrti – Serbia
Maszyna śmierci – Poland
Monster aus Stahl – Germany
O Soldado Perfeito – Portugal
Tappokone – Finland (video)
Weapon Factory – Netherlands (DVD)
Машина смерти – Russia
デスマシーン – Japan


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