Death Doll (1989)

  • USA,
  • 82m [PAL video]
  • colour
  • mono, English

An American horror film directed by William S. Mims.

Plot Summary

After they use an old gypsy “fortune telling” machine in a junk shop, a couple's lives are changed forever. He dies in a freak accident leaving a small fortune to his wife who soon finds herself being stalked by a mysterious figure. She returns to the machine which has further words of warning for her…


Directed by: William S. Mims
© 1988 WSM Productions
Curb Esquire Films [opening logo]. WSM Productions presents a William S. Mims film
Executive Producer: Genevieve Gohl
Produced by: William S. Mims
Associate Producer: Karl W. Stone
Screenplay by: Sidney Mims
Director of Photography: William Pope
Edited by [opening credits] Editor [closing credits]: Bill Sidney
Music by: Bruce Miller
Sound Recordists: Cory Haibloom, Patricia Ancola
Make-Up Artists: Desireé Mims, Jane Houston
Special Effects Make-Up: Michael F. Jones
Madame Zebra (sic) Created by: Jason Cardwell
Special Effects Photography: David Wasco
Art Director: Chris Henry

Andrea Walters (Trish Keller)
William Dance (Dillon Keller)
Jennifer Davis (Anna Perry)
Philip Boatwright (Bobby Keller)
Desireé Pennoyer (Kim Penn)
Tony Georgilas (Mr Quinn)
Lilyan Chauvin (voice of Madame Zerba)
Genevieve Mims (Goldie)
Michelle Cummings, Bobby Cummings (couple on street)
Richard Turner (man on street)

Alternative Titles

Death Doll – Killer-Puppe – West Germany



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