Deafula (1975)

USA, 1975
35mm film, black and white, 1.85:1
mono, American Sign Language, English

An American horror film directed by Peter Wechsberg. It was the first film shot in American Sign Language.

Plot Summary

A deaf theology student turns into a vampire.


Directed by: Peter Wechsberg
Co-Director: J. Wilder Mincey
© 1975 Peter Wechsberg dba Signscope
Produced by: Gary Holstrom
Production Manager: Gary Holstrom
Written by: Peter Wechsberg
Dialogue Director: Peter Wechsberg
Director of Photography: J. Wilder Mincey
Grip: Mary Ann Pratt
First Assistant Cameraman: Tom Leitner
Still Photography: C.B. Harding, Donald Bowler, Rod Graham, Ragnars Veilands
Film Editors: Peter Wechsberg, Garry Hood
Costumes: Helen's Pacific Costumers
Makeup: Katherine Wilson
Music Score: Jerry Gregorius
Street Song and Church Poem by: Sandra G. Melo
Sound Mixer: Anker Rasmussen
Sound Director: William Donker
Director of Art: Dudley Hemstreet
Dialogue Transcription: Garry Hood
Publicity: Gary Holstrom, Tom Dresser, Tom Moyer Jr
Administrative Support: Angie Gettman

Peter Wechsberg as Deafula and Steve Adams
James Randall 1Credited as James D. Randall in the end credits. as minister (Deafula's father)
Lee Darrel as detective
Dudley Hemstreet as assistant detective
Katherine Wilson as mother of Deafula 2Mother of Steve in the end credits.
Cindy Whitney as young Amy
Norma Tuccinardi as old Amy
Dick Tuccinardi as Zork (Amy's servant)
Gary Holstrom as Dracula
Russ Fast (voice of Steve Adams)
Dan Becker (voice of minister (Steve's father))
Rob Lawson (voice of detective)
B. Joe Medley (voice of assistant detective)
Jackie Fowler (voice of mother of Steve)
Chrissie Roccaro (voice of young Amy)
Lyn Terrell (voice of old Amy)
Dan Becker (voice of Dracula)
Monte Merrick (voice of Dr Moon)
Rodney Graham (voice of newscaster)
Bob L. Fowler (Dr Moon)
Raymond Reichle M.D. (Dr Reichle)
Errol Wechsberg (baby Deafula)
Von Wechsberg (young Dracula)
Toni Below (tall woman in bedroom)
Sheila Pope (young woman in living room)
William M. Glenn (black man in alley)
Ray D. Lunceford (motorcyclist)
Gail Platt (motorcyclist's girl friend)
Mike Averett, Catherine Adams (lovers)
Tom Leitner (man in unknown room)
Barry Taylor (policeman)
Christine McCoy (hanging girl)
Henry Stack (newscaster)
Michael Petts, Mark Hoshi (boys in alley)
James M. McGrann, Bill Dacry (policemen in alley)
Garry Hood (waiter)
Elizabeth Behrens (elevator operator)

Alternative Titles

Young Deafula – advertising title



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