Deadly Games (1982)


An American horror film directed by Scott Mansfield.

Plot Summary

A town is terrorised by a masked serial killer.


Directed by: Scott Mansfield
Copyright MCMLXXX in the name of Great Plains Entertainment Corporation
A Raymond M. Dryden production. A Scott Mansfield film.
Produced by: Raymond M. Dryden
Co-producers: Phillip J. Randall, Martin Wiviott
Associate Producers: Mac Greenebrg, Mel Edelstein
Written by: Scott Mansfield
Director of Photography: R. Michael Stringer
Editor: Stuart Eisenberg
Musical Score Composed by: Hod David Schudson, Richard S. Thompson
Sound Mixer: John Hampton
Wardrobe: Terence Fletcher
Make-up: Jim Gillespie
Special Effects: John Eggett
Art Director: Tana Cunningham-Curtis
Casting by: Ruth Conforte

Sam Groom (Roger)
Steve Railsback (Billy)
Dick Butkus (Joe)
Denise Galin (Mary)
Jere Lea Rae [real name: Jere Rae Mansfield] (Sooty)
Alexandra Morgan (Linda)
Robin Hoff (Carol)
Christine Tudor (Chris)
June Lockhart as Marge Lawrence
Jo Ann Harris as Keegan
Saul Sindell (Tom)
Colleen Camp (Randy)
Bill Johnson (Bob)

Alternative Titles

Amor Sangrento – Portuguese title
Death Killer – Der laute Tod – West German title
The Eliminator – US television title
Jogos Mortais – Brazilian title
Tödliche Spiele – West German title
Who Fell Asleep – working title



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