Dead of Night (1945)

UK, 1945
77m [USA], 105m [UK]
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

A British anthology horror film directed by Alberto Cavalcanti (as Cavalcanti), Charles Crichton, Basil Dearden and Robert Hamer.

Plot Summary

Architect Walter Craig travels to a country farmhouse in anticipation of winning a new contract. There, he meets a group of guests who all tell their own bizarre and terrifying stories. But even after listening to the last tale, the nightmare isn’t over for Craig…


* = uncredited

Directed by: Cavalcanti [real name: Alberto Cavalcanti] [Christmas Party, The Ventriloquist’s Dummy], Charles Crichton [Golfing Story], Basil Dearden [Hearse Driver, linking story], Robert Hamer [The Haunted Mirror]
Copyright MCMXLV [1945] by Ealing Studios Limited
Ealing Studios present
Produced by: Michael Balcon
Associate Producers: Sidney Cole and John Croydon
Production Supervisor: Hal Mason
Screen Play: John Baines [The Haunted Mirror, The Ventriloquist’s Dummy], Angus MacPhail [Christmas Party]
Based on Original Stories by: H.G. Wells [Golfing Story], E.F. Benson [Hearse Driver, linking story], John Baines [The Haunted Mirror, The Ventriloquist’s Dummy], Angus MacPhail [Christmas Party]
Additional Dialogue by: T.E.B. Clarke
Assistant Directors: Billy Russell *, Rowland Douglas *
2nd Assistant Director: Norman Hipwell *
3rd Assistant Director: Claude Hudson *, P. Potter *
Continuity: Elaine Schreyeck *, Gwen Bartle *
Assistant Continuity: M. Hamilton *
Lighting: Stan Pavey, Douglas Slocombe
Camera Operators: Jack Parker, H. Julius
Focus Pullers: Michael Shepherd *, Gerry Turpin *
Clapper Loaders: Gerry Levy *, John Winbolt *
Stills: Roy Gough *
Editor: Charles Hasse
Assembly Cutter: Leslie Allen
Assistant Editor: Daphne Heathcote
2nd Assistant Editors: F. Thomson *, E. Leverett *, Seth Holt *
Music Composed by: Georges Auric
[Music] Played by: The London Philharmonic Orchestra
Conducted by: Ernest Irving
Sound Supervisor: Eric Williams
[Sound] Recordists: Len Page, A.E. Rudolph
Boom Operators: N. Boulatoff *, Tom Otter *
Dubbing Editor: Mary Habberfield *
RCA Recorded at: Ealing Studios Limited, London W5
Dresses: Bianca Mosca, Marion Horn
Make-up: Tom Shenton
Special Effects: C. Richardson [real name: Cliff Richardson], L. Banes [real name: Lionel Baines]
Art Director: Michael Relph
Assistant Art Director: Jim Morahan *
Draughtsmen: Heather Armitage *, Len Wills *
Unit Manager: Ronald Brantford
Made at: Ealing Studios Limited, London W5

Opening Titles
Mervyn Johns
Roland Culver
Frederick Valk
Mary Merrall
Renée Gadd
Judy Kelly
Antony Baird
Miles Malleson
Robert Wyndham
Sally Ann Howes
Michael Allan
Googies Withers
Ralph Michael
Esmé Percy
Basil Radford
Naunton Wayne
Peggy Bryan
Michael Redgrave
Hartley Power
Elisabeth Welch
Garry Marsh
Magda Kun
Allan Jeayes

Closing Credits (In order of appearance)
Mervyn Johns (Walter Craig)
Roland Culver (Eliot Foley)
Mary Merrall (Mrs Foley)
Googie Withers (Joan Cortland)
Frederick Valk (Dr van Straaten)
Anthony Baird (Hugh Grainger)
Sally Ann Howes (Sally O’Hara)
Robert Wyndham (Dr Albury)
Judy Kelly (Joyce Grainger)
Miles Malleson (hearse driver/bus conductor/jailor)
Michael Allan (Jimmy)
Barbara Leake (Mrs O’Hara)
Ralph Michael (Peter Cortland)
Esmé Percy (Mr Rutherford)
Basil Radford (George Parratt)
Naunton Wayne (Larry Potter)
Peggy Bryan (Mary)
Allan Jeayes (Maurice Olcott)
Michael Redgrave (Maxwell Frere)
Elisabeth Welch (Beulah)
Hartley Power (Sylvester Kee)
Magda Kun (Mitzi)
Garry Marsh (Harry Parker)
Renée Gadd (Mrs Craig)

Uncredited Cast
John McGuire [voice of Hugo]
Peter Jones

Alternative Titles

Al morir la noche – Spain
Au coeur de la nuit – France
Incubi notturni – Italy
Kuolema saapuu yöllä – Finland
U progu tajemnicy – Poland
Traum ohne Ende – Germany
Unheimliche Geschichten – Austria

Extracts included in
Forever Ealing (2002)



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