Dead Men Tell No Tales (1938)

UK, 1937
80m, 7217 feet/2200 metres
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

A British borderline horror film directed by David MacDonald.

Plot Summary

A woman who has won a large prize in the French Lottery is murdered in London and she is impersonated by her killer's secretary in order for them to claim the prize. But the killer continues to murder as things spiral out of control…


Director: David MacDonald
British National Films
Producer: John Corfield
Script: Walter Summers, Stafford Dickens, Doreen Montgomery
Novel: The Norwich Victims by Francis Beeding
Dialogue: Emlyn Williams
Director of Photography: Bryan Langley
Editor: James Corbett
Music: W.L. Trytel

Emlyn Williams (Dr Headlam)
Lesley Brook (Elizabeth Orme)
Hugh Williams (Detective Inspector Martin)
Marius Goring (Greening)
Christine Silver (Miss Haslett)
Sara Seegar (Marjorie)
Ann Wilton (Bridget)
Marjorie Dale (the singer)
Clive Morton (Frank Fielding)
Jack Vyvian (Crump)
Hal Gordon (sergeant)



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