De Sade 70 (1969)

Liechtenstein, West Germany, Spain, UK, 1969
81m (West Germany), 87m (USA), 92m (Argentina)
35mm film, Techniscope, colour, 2.35:1

A Liechtensteinian/West German/Spanish/British borderline horror film directed by Jesus Franco using the pseudonym Jess Franco.

Plot Summary

A businessman is persuaded by his mistress to turn his teenage daughter over to her and her brother. Over the course of one weekend they take Eugenie on a disturbing journey into perversion.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Jess Franco [real name: Jesus Franco]
© 1969 Establissement Sargon Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Hape-Film Company GmbH, Producciones Cinematográficas Balcazar,Video-Tel International Productions [all uncredited]
Produced by: Peter Welbeck [real name: Harry Alan Towers]
Written by: Peter Welbeck [real name: Harry Alan Towers]
Novel: La Philosophie dans le boudoir by Marquis de Sade *
Photographed by: Manuel Merino
Music by: Hans Günther Leonhardt, Bruno Nicolai
Soundtrack: Digitmovies Alternative Entertainment
Locations: Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain; Murcia, Spain

Marie Liljedahl (Eugenie)
Jack Taylor (Mirvel)
Maria Rohm (Madame de St. Ange)
Christopher Lee (Dolmance)
Paul Muller (Monsieur de Mistival)
Ingrid Swenson [real name: María Luisa Ponte] (Madame de Mistival)
Kaplan [real name: Anney Kablan] (Augustin)
Uta Dahlberg (Therese)
Jesus Franco *
Herbert Fux [Hardin] *
Nino Korda [Roches] *

Alternative Titles

De Sade 2000
Eugenie… the Story of Her Journey Into Perversion – US title
Die Jungfrau und die Peitsche
– West Germany
Marquis de Sade’s “Philosophy in the Boudoir”
– UK
– West Germany



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