De Lift (1983)

95m, 99m
Eastmancolor, 1.66:1
mono, Dutch

A Dutch horror film directed by Dick Maas.

Plot Summary

Lift technician Felix is sent to investigate a series of mysterious death and near misses that have occurred in one particular elevator. His investigations lead him to the Rising Sun Electronics corporation which seems to have been experimenting with new and unpredictable micro-electronic circuits.


Directed by: Dick Maas
First Floor Features, Sigma Film Productions
Produced by: Matthijs van Heijningen
Script: Dick Maas
Script Consultants: Jurriën Rood, Chiem van Houweninge
Director of Photography: Marc Felperlaan
Editor: Hans van Dongen
Music: Dick Maas
Sound Recordist: Bert Koops, Georges Bossaers
Costume Designer: Jany Hubar
Make-up: Nancy Baudoux
Special Make Up Effects Artist: Robert Stouthamer
Special Effects: Leo Cahn, René Stouthamer
Art Director: Harry Ammerlaan
Locations: Almere, Flevoland, Netherlands; Amstelveen, Noord-Holland, Netherlands; Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands; Bussum, Noord-Holland, Netherlands; Cinetone Studio's, Duivendrecht, Noord-Holland, Netherlands; Den Haag, Netherlands; Hilversum, Noord-Holland, Netherlands; Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands; Zaandam, Zaanstad, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Studio: Cinetone Studios

Huub Stapel (Felix Adelaar)
Willeke van Ammelrooy (Mieke de Beer)
Josine van Dalsum (Saskia Adelaar)
Liz Snoyink, Wiske Sterringa (women in lift)
Huib Broos, Pieter Lutz (men in lift)
Paul Gieske (caretaker)
Dick Scheffer (Head Waiter)
Johan Hobo, Matthias Maat, Ger van Groningen (waiters)
Jan Anne Drenth (night porter)
Emma Onrust (Karin)
Sydney Kuyer (Berty)
Cor Witschge (day porter)
Piet Römer (Ravensteijn)
Serge-Henri Valcke (psychiatrist)
Onno Molenkamp (blind man)
Manfred de Graaf (real estate agent)
Agnes Schuch
Gerard Thoolen (guard #1)
Siem Vroom (police inspector)
Aat Ceelen (detective)

Alternative Titles

L'Ascenseur – France
El ascensor – Argentina, Spain
L'ascensore – Italy
Fahrstuhl des Grauens – West Germany
Goin' Up
Hissen – Sweden
Hissi – Finland
The Lift – English language title

Down (2001)

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