Daybreak (1993)

35mm film, colour, 4:3
stereo, English

An American science fiction television film directed by Stephen Tolkin.

Plot Summary

In a near-future , patients are branded by an authoritarian state and placed in quarantine. Teenagers Blue and Laurie fall in with an underground resistance movement trying to expose the abuses that regularly take place in the quarantine camps.


Directed by: Stephen Tolkin
© MCMXCIII [1993] Home Box Office
HBO Showcase presents a John Bard Manulis production. Daybreak was developed with the assistance of The Sundance Institute. This has been an HBO Showcase presentation
Executive Producers: Kathryn Galan, Colin Callender
Produced by: John Bard Manulis
Line Producer: Diana Phillips
Written for the Screen by: Stephen Tolkin
Based on the Play Beirut by: Alan Bowne
Director of Photography: Tom Sigel
Film Editor: Brunilda Torres
Music by: Michel Colombier
Sound Mixer: Michael Barosky
Costume Designer: Donna Berwick
Makeup Artist: Sharon Ilson
Hairstylist: Judith Goodman
Special Effects: Steve Kirshoff, Willie Caban
Production Designer: Leslie Pope
Casting by: Deborah Aquila
Filmed entirely on location in New York City

Cuba Gooding Jr (Torch)
Moira Kelly (Blue)
Omar Epps (Hunter)
Alice Drummond (Anna)
David Eigenberg (Bucky)
John Seda (Payne)
Nick Chinlund (commander)
Paul Butler (truck driver)
Willie Garson (Simon)
John Cameron Mitchell (Lennie)
Martha Plimpton (Laurie)
Amir Williams (Willie)
Mark Boone Jr (quarantine guard)
Deirdre O'Connell (mom)
Phil Parolisi (Russell)
Alix Koromzay (woman in quarantine)
Charles Craigin (man with a cough)
Novella Nelson (Mrs Chaney)
Charles “Soll Food” Mattocks (Tommy)

Alternative Titles

El amanecer – Spain
Amanhecer sem Futuro – Brazil
Bloodstream – UK
Daybreak – Entre chiens et loups – France
Daybreak – Epidemie 3000 – Germany
Demain, l'espoir – Canada (French)
Hajnalhasadás – Hungary
To harama – Greece (DVD)
Das Kainsmal des Todes – Germany
Päivänkoitto – Finland
Terror przed świtem – Poland
Los vigilantes del amanecer – Spain (video)
Зазоряване – Bulgaria
Начало дня – Russia
病毒大作戰 – Taiwan



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