Dawn of the Mummy (1981)

Hong Kong, USA,
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

A Hong Kong/American horror film directed by Frank Agrama who took over from Armand Weston during filming.

Plot Summary

A group of and their photographer fall prey to a resurrected mummy.


Directed by: Frank Agrama
© MCMLXXXI [1981] Harmony Gold Ltd.
Frank Agrama presents a Harmony Gold Ltd. production
Executive Producer: Lew Horwitz
Produced by: Frank Agrama
Screenplay: Daria Price, Ronald Dobrin, Frank Agrama
Based on a Story by: Ronald Dobrin and Daria Price
Director of Photography: Sergio Rubini
Editor: Jonathan Braun
Music: Shuki Y. Levy
Production Sound Recording: Allan Emara, Andrew Kramer
Costume Design: Sousou
Make-up Designer: Marizio Trani
Hairstyles: Giancarlo Marini
Special Effects: Luigi Batistyelli, Farid Abdoul Hai, Tony DiDio Jr.
Art Director: Maher Abdel Nour

Brenda King
Barry Sattels
George Peck
John Salvo
Ibrahim Khan
Joan Levy
Ellene Faison
Diane Beatty
Ali Gohar
Ahmed Ratib
Baher Saied
Ali Azab
Ahmed Laban
Laila Nasr

Alternative Titles

Die Mumie des Pharao – West German title
El despertar de la momia – Spanish title
I moumia vgike apo ton tafo tis – Greek title
L'aube des zombies – French title
Rache der Mumie – West German video title


Variety 6 January 1982 p.17
[A] disconnected series of corny scenes. […] Mummy is an impressive dude, tall and thin, with body bandaged and face uncovered. Besides the usual choking, his aides are into cannibalism, biting chunks out of the graverobbers (and numerous bystanders) and feeding gruesomely on entrails in the manner of recent film zombies. Cast overacts miserably, with direct-sound English track instead of the usual dubbing. This picture should be entombed permanently. – from a review by Lor.


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