Das Geheimnis der gelben Narzissen (1961)

West Germany, UK,
35mm film, black and white

A West German/British horror film directed by Ákos Ráthonyi. It was shot simultaneously in two versions with slightly different casts, one in English and the other in German.

Plot Summary

A serial killer is stalking the streets of London, leaving a bouquet of yellow daffodils on the bodies of his victims.


Director: Ákos Ráthonyi
Omnia Pictures Ltd, Rialto Film
Executive Producers: Steven Pallos, Donald Taylor
Producer: Horst Wendlandt
Production Manager: Philip Shipway [not credited in German version]
Script: Basil Dawson, Donald Taylor
German Version Dialogue: Gerhard F. Hummel, Horst Wendlandt
Novel: The Daffodil Mystery by Edgar Wallace
Assistant Directors: André Farsch, Tom Pevsner
Director of Photography: Desmond Dickinson
Stills: Harry Gillam [not credited in German version]
Editors: Gitta Blumenthal, Peter Taylor
Lab: Technicolor
Music: Keith Papworth
Sound: Robert Jones, Bert Ross
Make Up: Stuart Freeborn [not credited in German version]
Art Director: William Hutchinson
Choreographer: Patricia Kirschner
Locations: London, England, UK
Studio: Shepperton Studios, Middlesex, England

Shared Cast
Ingrid van Bergen (Gloria)
Albert Lieven (Raymond Lyne)
Marius Goring (Oliver Milburgh)
Jan Hendriks (Charles)
Peter Illing (Jan Putek)
Walter Gotell (Superintendant Whiteside)
Christopher Lee (Ling Chu)
Campbell Singer (Sir Archibald)
Dawn Beret (Katya)
Bettina Le Beau (Trudi)
Lance Percival (French gendarme)
Frederick Bartman (setective)
Nancy Nevinson (sluttish woman)
Irene Prador (Maisie)
Edwina Carroll (Chinese girl)
Grace Denbigh Russell (Mrs Rider)
Martin Lyder (Max – uncredited in the German version)
Gundel Sargent (hotel receptionist)

German Version Cast
Joachim Fuchsberger (Jack Tarling)
Sabine Sesselmann (Anne Rider)
Klaus Kinski (Peter Keene)

English Version Cast
William Lucas (Jack Tarling)
Penelope Horner (Anne Rider)
Colin Jeavons (Peter Keene)

Alternative Titles

Daffodil Killer – US (reissue)
The Devil's Daffodil – UK, US
Keltainen narsissi – Finland
Le narcisse jaune intrigue Scotland Yard – France
Il segreto del narciso d'oro – Italy



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