Dark Water (1980)


A British short horror film directed by Andrew Bogle.

Plot Summary

Jo and her boyfriend Eddie are locked in a swimming pool on the night that a maniac killer has escaped the local asylum. Discovering the body of a pool attendant in the pool, the couple realises that the killer is in the building with them and that they are now locked in and at his mercy…


Directed by: Andrew Bogle
© 1980 ITC Entertainment Limited
Dragonfly Film Productions
Produced by: Tony Grisoni
Screenplay by: Andrew Bogle, Tony Grisoni
Continuity: Ene Watts
Photography: Gale Tattersall
Focus Puller: Jimmy Dibling
Clapper Loader: Iain Cassie
Lighting Gaffer: Johnny Devine
Editor: Rob Wright
Assistant Editor: Niki James
Processed at: Rank Film Laboratories
Music: Rory Forsyth
Sound: Malcolm Hirst, Mike Shoring
Dubbing Mixer: Tony Anscombe
Titles by: Graphimation
This film was also made by: Monica Hyde, Penny Isles, Nicky Hart, Lois Burwell, David Ferguson, Diana Kearns, Barry York, Robert Smith, Laurie Burns, Tony Minnion
Stunt Man: Stuart Fell

Gwyneth Strong (Jo)
Phil Davis (Eddie)
Bruce White (Bob, the pool attendant)
David Beames (the killer)
Tony Caunter (manager)
Jane Freeman (manager's wife)
Gillian Martell (cashier)
Derek Martin (security guard)
Eric Kent (workman)