Dark Tower (1987)

UK, USA, 1987
35mm film, colour
mono, English

A British 1Copyright holder Testzone Limited were a British company based in London/American horror film directed by “Ken Barnett”, a pseudonym for Freddie Francis who took over direction from Ken Wiederhorn.

Plot Summary

A window cleaner falls to his death from an office building in Barcelona and security expert Dennis Randall is called in to investigate. He soon realises that the tower is haunted.


Directed by: Ken Barnett [real name: Freddie Francis and Ken Wiederhorn]
© MCMLXXXVII [1987] Testzone Limited
Sandy Howard presents
Executive Producers: Tom Fox, Ken Wiederhorn
Produced by: John R. Bowey, David M. Witz [real name: David Witz]
Written by: Robert J. Averech [real name: Robert J. Avrech], Ken Blackwell and Ken Wiederhorn
Story by: Robert J. Avereck [real name: Robert J. Avrech]
Director of Photography: Gordon Hayman
Edited by: Tom Merchant
Music by: Stacy Widelitz
Sound Mixer: Jaume Puig (Spanish crew); Margaret Duke (U.S. crew)
Costume Designer: Josefa Senties (Spanish crew)
Wardrobe: Christine Brown (U.S. crew)
Make up: Caitlin Acheson (Spanish crew)
Make up/Hair: Darryl Fielder [real name: Darrell Redleaf-Fielder] (U.S. crew)
Hairstylist: Juan Marin (Spanish crew)
Special Visual Effects: Quicksilver Studio (Spanish crew)
Art Directors: José María Espada [real name: Josep Maria Espada] (Spanish crew); Jimmy Williams (U.S. crew)

Michael Moriarty (Dennis Randall)
Jenny Agutter (Carolyn Page)
Carol Lynley (Tilly)
Theodore Bikel (Max Gold)
Anne Lockhart (Elaine)
Patch Mackenzie (Maria)
Robert Sherman [real name: Rob Sherman] (Williams)
Rick Azulay [real name: Ricardo Azulay] (Charlie)
Radmiro Oliveros [real name: Ramiro Oliveros] (Joseph)
Kevin McCarthy as Sergie
Jordi Batalla (Mueller)
Juame Ross [real name: Jaime Ros] (Beck)
Monica Fatjo (Rebecca)
Juan Ramón Romani (Philip Page)
Mara Bador (Rebecca's mother)

Alternative Titles

The Curse V – US bootleg version title


Variety 22 February 1989 p.233
“[A] perfunctory horror thriller […] Film's special effects are decidedly chintzy. Cast is stuck with nondimensional roles and Bikel is forced to play several embarrassing scenes trying to talk to the invisible presence. Spanish supporting cast's dialog is haphazardly looped.” – from a review by Lor


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