Dark Secret (1949)

mono, English

A British horror film directed by Maclean Rogers.

Plot Summary

A woman becomes possessed by the spirit of a murder victim.


* = uncredited

Director: Maclean Rogers
Nettlefold Films
Producer: Ernest G. Roy
Associate Producer: A.R. Rawlinson
Production Manager: E.S. Laurie
Script: Moie Charles, A.R. Rawlinson
Novel: Crime at Blossoms by Mordaunt Shairp
1st Assistant Director: George Fowler
2nd Assistant Director: M. Whiting
Continuity: Peg Pearson
Director of Photography: Walter J. Harvey
Camera Operator: Ken Talbot
Focus Puller: Peter Lambert *
Stills: Harold Saunders *
Editor: Ted Richards
Assistant Editor: Pamela Chapman *
Music: George Melachrino
Sound: T. Meyers
Boom Operator: Don Wortham *
Sound Camera Operator: Paddy Cunningham *
Wardrobe: Molly Arbuthnot
Wardrobe Assistant: Harry Jordan
Make Up: George Partleton
Assistant Make Up: Mary Wetherell *
Hair: Ivy Emmerton
Assistant Hair: Joan Carpenter *
Art Director: Bernard Robinson
Publicity: John Montgomery *
Studio: Nettlefold Studios, Walton-on-Thames, England, UK

Emrys Jones (Chris Merryman)
Dinah Sheridan (Valerie Merryman)
Irene Handl (‘Woody' Woodman)
Hugh Pryse (a very late visitor)
Barbara Couper (Mrs Barrington)
Percy Marmont (vicar)
Geoffrey Sumner (Jack Farrell)
Mackenzie Ward (artist)
Charles Hawtrey (Arthur Figson)
John Salew (Mr Barrington)
George Merritt (Mr Lumley)
Stanley Vilven (Mr Woodman)
Grace Arnold (Lancashire housewife)
Edgar Driver (George, the barman)
Laurence Naismith (Mr Grossmith)
Esme Beringer (elderly lady)
Molly Hamley-Clifford (stout lady)
Terry Randal (daughter)
Johnnie Schofield (motor coachman)
Patricia Fox