Dark Interval (1950)

60m, 5304 feet/1617 metres
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

A British borderline horror film directed by Charles Saunders.

Plot Summary

A man suspects his wife of having an affair with the family doctor. He tries to murder them, but his butler shoots him, then himself.


Directed by: Charles Saunders
Present Day Productions
Producer: Arthur Reynolds
Production Manager: Derek Wynne
Script: John Gilling
Assistant Director: Aida Young
Director of Photography: Edward Lloyd
Camera Operator: Dudley Lovell
Music: William Cox-Ife, Temple Alrady
Sound Recordists: Ben Brightwell, H.C. Pearson

Zena Marshall (Sonia Jordan)
Andrew Osborn (Walter Jordan)
John Barry (Trevor)
John Le Mesurier (Cedric)
Wallas Eaton
Mona Washbourne
Charmian Innes
Blanche Fothergill



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