Dark Echo (1986)

USA, Yugoslavia, 1986 1Many sources give 1977 as the film’s production and/or release date but the copyright on the print titled Dark Echoes is given as 1986
35mm film, colour

An American/Yugoslavian horror film directed by George Robotham.

Plot Summary

The captain of a sunken tourist boat on an Austrian lake returns as a zombie to take his revenge against those who caused his death.


Directed by: George Robotham
Benedict Productions, Inc. © 1986
A co-production of Forty First Avala Film and Benedict Productions
Executive Producers: Douglas A. Smithers, Milos Antich
Produced by: George Robotham
Co-producers: James Dobson, Fred Tully, John Robotham
Written by: George Robotham
Director of Cinematography: Bozidar Miletich
Underwater Cinematography: Michael Dugan
Supervising Editor: Pierre Jalbert
Music by: Alexander Ilich, Slobodan Markovich
Music Composer: Alexander Ilich
Costume Designer: Mirjana Markovich
Special Makeup for Captain Gohr by: Mark Reedall, John Chambers and Tom Burman Studios
Art Director: Ladislav Lasich

Karin Dor (Lisa Bruekner)
Joel Fabiani (Bill Cross)
Wolfgang Brook (Inspector Woelke)
James Dobson (Officer Garth)
Fred Tully 2Credited as Frederick Tully in the end credits] (Officer Braun)
John Robotham (Dieter Beckmann)
Alex Davion (Dereck Stanhope)
Hanna Hertelendy as Frau Ziemler)
Norman Marshall (Captain Gohr)
Neda Arnerich (Hilda Beckmann)
Goran Sultanovich (gravedigger)
Janez Vrhovec (second fisherman)
Damir Mejdosec (first fisherman)
Mira Nikolich (Gretel)
Dusko Tadich (Bruno Beckmann)
Vladan Zivkovich (tour guide)
Mitja Bitenc (woodcutter)
Melisa Antich (Heide)
Tanya Boskovich (Tanya)
Miha Dosen (zither player)
Vlada Basich (Otto)
Dragan Bielogerlich (Hans)

Alternative Titles

Dark Echoes – alternative title
Deep Echo – alternative title