Daredevils of the Red Circle (1939)

USA, 1939
211m (12 part serial)
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American fantasy serial directed by William Witney and John English.

Plot Summary

Harry Crowel, aka Prisoner 39013, escapes from prison and sets out to destroy his rival, industrialist Horace Granville. He’s opposed by the death-defying circus stuntmen The Daredevils of the Red Circle.


Directors: William Witney, John English
Republic Pictures Corporation
Associate Producer: Robert M. Beche
Original Screenplay: Barry Shipman, Franklyn Adreon, Rex Taylor, Ronald Davidson, Sol Shor
Photography: William Nobles
Editors: Edward Todd, William Thompson
Musical Score: William Lava

Charles Quigley (Gene Townley)
Bruce Bennett [real name: Herman Brix] (Tiny Dawson)
David Sharpe (Bert Knowles)
Carole Landis (Blanche Granville)
Miles Mander (Horace Granville)
Charles B. Middleton (39013, Harry Crowel)
Montague Shaw (Dr Malcolm)
Ben Taggart (Dixon)
William Pagan (Police Chief Landon)
Corbet Morris (Klein)
Raymond Bailey (Stanley, secretary)
Snowflake [real name: Fred ‘Snowflake’ Toones] (Snowflake)
George Chesebro (Sheffield)
Ray Miller (Jeff)
Robert Winkler (Sammy Townley)
Tuffie (Tuffie)


The Monstrous Plot
The Mysterious Friend
The Executioner
The Ray of Death
Thirty Seconds to Live
The Flooded Mine
Ladder of Peril
The Infernal Machine
The Red Circle Speaks
Flight to Doom

Alternative Titles

Daredevils of the Red Circle – France (television)
Demônios do Círculo Vermelho – Brazil
Los diablos del círculo rojo – Mexico
Der gelbe Kreis – Austria, West Germany
A Seita do Círculo Vermelho – Portugal
Los temerarios del circulo rojo – Chile
Les trois diables rouges – Canada (French), France

Extracts included in
King of the Carnival (1955)



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