Danger Tomorrow (1960)

61m, 5492 feet/1674 metres
35mm film, black and white

A British fantasy film directed by Terry Bishop.

Plot Summary

A woman with remotely witnesses a murder.


Director: Terry Bishop
Parroch Films, Coronado Productions (England) Limited
Producer: Jack Parsons
Production Manager: Clifton Brandon
Screenplay: Guy Deghy
Original story: Frank Charles
Assistant Director: Jimmy Komisarjevsky
Director of Photography: Ken Hodges
Camera Operator: Gerry Massey-Collier
Editor: Joan Warwick
Music: David Lee
Sound Recording: Arthur Bradburn
Wardrobe: Brenda Gardner
Make-up: Gerry Fletcher
Hair: Joyce James
Art Director: John Earl
Studio: Walton Studios

Zena Walker (Ginny)
Robert Urquhart (Bob)
Rupert Davies (Dr Campbell)
Annabel Maule (Helen)
Russell Waters (Steve)
Lisa Daniely (Marie)
Maggie Flint (florist)
Charles Houston (messenger)
Dennis Ward (Johnson)
Robert Dougall (newscaster)
Neil Hallett (police inspector)
Kenneth Warren (patient)



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