Dance of the Dwarfs (1983)

USA, Philippines, 1983
35mm film, Technicolor

An American/Filipino horror film directed by Gus Trikonis. Production began on 1 April 1982 1Daily Variety 12 March 1982 p.14

Plot Summary

Anthropologist Dr Evelyn Howard ventures into the Philippine jungles in search of a colleague who went missing while searching for a legendary lost pygmy tribe. She employs the services of drunken helicopter pilot Harry Bediker and together they find themselves menaced by a race of strange, cannibalistic creatures…


Directed by: Gus Trikonis
© [not given on screen]
A Dove, Inc. film in association with Panache Productions, Inc.
Executive Producer: Peter E. Strauss
Produced by: Michael Viner
Associate Producers: Mitch Gamson, Michael Butler
Screenplay by: Gregory Weston King, Larry Johnson and Michael Viner
Based upon the novel Dance of the Dwarfs by Geoffrey Household
Director of Photography: Michael Butler
Edited by: Fred Chulak
Music by: Perry Botkin
Sound Mixer: Stan Gordon
Wardrobe Mistress: Jacqui Magno
Makeup Artists: Dee Manges, Cecile Baun
Hairstylist: Carolyn Elias
Special Makeup Effects: Craig Reardon
Prosthetic Effects: Altered Images, Inc.
Art Director: Ruben Art Nicdao

Peter Fonda (Harry Bediker)
Deborah Raffin (Dr Evelyn Howard)
John Amos (Esteban)
Carlos Palomino (bandit #1)
Arthur “Turko” Cervantes (convict)
Ike Arpuco, Sammy Brilliante, Jun Turko (federales)
Angel Buenaventurah (customs official)
Edward Martinez (Juan)
Mario Teodoro (Jeepney driver)
Racquel Vera (hooker)
Venchito Galvez (Luis)
Iliang Vitales (Maria)
Chitiquita the Wonder Chicken
Theresa Reyes (midget)
Telly Babasa (bandit 2)
Arthur “Turko” Cervantes, Cherron Hoye, Gil Arced (creatures)

Alternative Titles

Ajojahti – Finland
Armoton ajojahti – Finland (video)
Dance of the Dwarves – USA (cable TV)
Easy Flyer – Germany, Hungary
Les enfants du diable – France
Jungle Heat – alternative title

Production Notes

The shoot was plagued by appalling weather, including a typhoon that hit Manila in April 1982 and torrential rain that disrupted filming at the Nayog Filipino location. Director of photography Michael Butler was also taken ill during the production, causing further delays. Earlier, actor Deborah Raffin had been laid low by pneumonia.



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