Daemon (1985)

UK, 1985

A British horror film directed by Colin Finbow.

Plot Summary

Nick Foster is 11-years-old and desperately unhappy with his lot. He and his sisters Jennie and Clare have recently moved into a large old house and have been left in the care of their Swedish au pair Helga while their parents are on a business trip to the States. At his new school, Nick is terrified by his scriptures teacher, Mr Crabb and soon begins to hear voices and find arcane messages on his computer. Physical symptoms of some strange illness soon follow and the increasingly sinister Mr Crabb examines Nick, finding his bed inexplicably full of ashes. Nick reveals to a child psychologist, Rachel that he believes himself to be possessed by a demon and, when Crabb suddenly dies, Nick’s classmates decide to put an end to the matter by driving a stake through his heart. As the would-be exorcists converge on the Foster home, a sudden storm blows up and the boys are frightened off. Inside the house, Nick is drawn into a previously boarded up chimney and encounters Tom, an eight year old chimney sweep who claims to have been trapped there in 1839. He, it seems, is the root of the problem and with Rachel’s help, Nick is able to lay the haunting spirit to rest.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Colin Finbow
© 1985
The Children’s Film Unit presents a Children’s Film Unit production for Channel Four
Producer: Colin Finbow *
Production Manager: Patrick Ward
First Assistant: David Weeks
Second Assistant: John Wilkinson
Continuity: Gordon Roland Adams, Bambi & Pusha Xtoumouzienne
Camera: Titus Bicknell, Rory MacFarquhar, Orlando Wells, Leigh Melrose, Jason Wulfsohn
Lighting: Rusell Martin
Stills: Malcolm Pleasants
Editor: Colin Finbow *
Editing Assistants: Arnaud Morell, Ben Timberlake, Orlando Swayne
Music by: David Hewson
Sound: Sharon Nokes, Doniert MacFarlane, Charles Robertson, Matthew Landauer
Props, Costume & Make-up: Griselda Wallace
Titles by: Les Scott
Set Construction: Bec Knight
Location Manager: Les Scott
Assistant: Marc Salmon
Courier: David Sandys

Susannah York (Rachel)
Bert Parnaby (Mr Crabb)
Arnaud Morell (Nick Foster)
Donna Glaser (Clare Foster)
Sadie Herlighy (Jennie Foster)
Orlando Swayne (Sam)
Neil Walker (Tom)
Ben Timberlake
Plum Webber
Mark Wallace
Faith Steemson (Helga)
Kevin Holland
Dieter Wollenhaupt
Moritz Baumann
Oliver Cresswell
James Elwen
Justin Salmon
Simon Kane
William Lacey
William Walker



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