Curtains (1982)

Canada, 1982
84m 45s (UK – video (PAL)), 88m 57
35mm film, colour
mono, English
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

A Canadian horror film directed by Jonathan Stryker, a pseudonym for Richard Ciupka and Richard Simpson.

Plot Summary

Having worked with his on his all his films so far, actress Samantha Sherwood assumes that she's going to get the lead role in director Jonathan Stryker's latest movie, Audra, about a former psychiatric patient. He sends her to an asylum for research, planning to abandon her there while he six other actresses for the part. Samantha manages to escape and the six hopefuls start to die one by one – is Samantha responsible or is someone else stalking the production?


Directed by: Jonathan Stryker [real name: Richard Ciupka and Richard Simpson]
© MCMLXXXII [1982] by Guardian Trust Co.
Jensen Farley Pictures, Inc. presents a Simcom production. Curtains Productions, Inc.
Executive Producer: Richard Simpson
Produced by: Peter R. Simpson
Screenplay by: Robert Guza Jr
Director of Photography: Robert Paynter
Editor: Michael MacLaverty
Original Music Score: Paul Zaza
Sound Mixers (Act I): Doug Canton, Thomas Hidderley
Sound Recordist (Act II): Bryan Day
Sound Mixers (Act II): Joe Grimaldi, David Appleby
Wardrobe Mistress (Act I/Act II): Mary Jane McCarty
Makeup (Act I/Act II): Shonagh Jabour
Hairstylist (Act I/Act II): Jenny Arbour
Prosthetics: Greg Cannom
Director of Special Effects: Colin Chilvers
Production Design: Roy Forge Smith

John Vernon (Jonathan Stryker)
Linda Thorson (Brooke Parsons)
Samantha Eggar (Samantha Sherwood)
Anne Ditchburn (Laurian Summers)
Lynne Griffin (Patti O'Connor)
Sandra Warren [real name: Sandee Currie] (Tara DeMillo)
Lesleh Donaldson (Christie Burns)
Deborah Burgess (Amanda Reuther)
Michael Wincott (Matthew)
Maury Chaykin (Monty)
Booth Savage (Amanda's boyfriend [Peter])
Joann McIntyre (secretary)
Calvin Butler (Dr [Arthur] Pendleton)
Kate Lynch (receptionist)
William Marshall, James Kidnie (attendants)
Diane Godwin (actress)
Janelle Hutchison (stroker)
Virginia Laight (screamer)
Kay Griffin (thief)
Bunty Webb (tickler)

Alternative Titles

Curtains – Wahn ohne Ende – West Germany (video)
Curtains, l'ultime cauchemar – France
Painajaisuni – Finland
Zaslony – Poland

Extracts included in
The Skull of Pain (1997)



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