Curse of the Headless Horseman (1972)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Leonard Kirtman using the pseudonym John Kitrkland.

Plot Summary

A young medical student, Mark,inherits a Wild West show from his uncle and is warned by a caretaker that the place is haunted. Before long Mark and his friends, who have all moved into the attraction, are being stalked by a headless cowboy who rides around the neighbourhood looking for new victims…


Directed by: John Kitrkland [real name: Leonard Kirtman]
Kirt Films presents a DLM Film release
Produced by: Kenn Riche
Production Manager: Jerry McCarter
Written by: Kenn Riche
Director of Photography: Henning Schellerup
Sound Camera: James Auker
Lighting: Timothy A. Grace, Randy Ornales
Stills: Neil Perlman
Editor: Jeremiah Hayling
Sound: Lowel Brown
Sound Effects: Jon Davisse
Make-Up: Bud Miller
Special Effects: Harry Wollmen
Production Assistants: Robert Moss, Tom Clarke, Richard Witte, Kathy Loudon

Marland Proctor (Mark Callahan)
Claudia Ream (Brenda)
B.G. Fisher (Solomon)
Ultra Violet (Baron Isabel du Fren)
Don Carrara (John)
Lydia Rosenbloom (Lydia)
Ray Saniger (Sandy Ray)
Tom Clarke (Tom)
Robert Moss (Bob)
Margo Dean (Yo-Yo)
Jacquiline Gonzales (Jacque)
Joe Cody (Indian Joe)
Lee Byers (Lee Byers)
Gina Michaels (Glen)
Stephen D'Amico (Steve)
Rebecca Perlman (Beckie)
Neil Perlman (Neil)
Artie Gonzales (Artie)
Robert Callahan (justice of the peace)
Bill Matthias (Billy)
Randy Ornelaz (Randy)
Timothy A. Grace (Tim)
Rachel Bard (Joan)
Ritch Brinkley (Rich)
Loreilei (Loreilei)

Alternative Titles

Valley of the Headless Horseman

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