Curse of the Fly (1965)

35mm film, CinemaScope, black and white, 2.35:1
mono, English

A British science fiction/horror film directed by Don Sharp. It was the third in the original trilogy of Fly films and the only one made in the UK.

Plot Summary

The son of the inventor of the troublesome matter transmitter is determined to continue his father's and perfect the device. But his daughter-in-law discovers the remains of the scientist's victims…


Directed by: Don Sharp
© MCMLXV Lippert Films Ltd
Twentieth Century Fox presents a CinemaScope picture. This film is produced by arrangement with Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation – the registered proprietor of the trademark CinemaScope
Produced by: Robert L. Lippert and Jack Parsons
Written by: Harry Spalding
Director of Photography: Basil Emmott
Supervising Film Editor: Robert Winter
Music Composed by: Bert Shefter
Sound Recordist: Jock May
Make-Up: John O'Gorman
Hairdresser: Barbara Barnard
Special Effects Make-Up: Harold Fletcher
Art Director: Harry White
Made at: Shepperton Studios, Shepperton, England

Brian Donlevy (Henri Delambre)
George Baker (Martin Delambre)
Carole Gray (Patricia Stanley)
Yvette Rees (Wan)
Rachel Kempson (Madame Fournier)
Bert Kwouk (Tai)
Jeremy Wilkins (Inspector Ronet)
Charles Carson (Inspector Charas)
Mary Manson as Judith
Michael Graham (Albert Delambre)
Warren Stanhope (hotel manager)
Mia Anderson (nurse)
Arnold Bell (hotel porter)

Alternative Titles

Flugans förbannelse – Swedish title
Przeklenstwo muchy – Polish title

Sequel to
Return of the Fly (1959)

See also
The Fly (1986)
The Fly II (1989)



Kine Weekly no.3043 (27 January 1966) p.18
“The story is a mixture of mysteries. The audience is invited to wonder whether Patricia is really mad. and is deliberately kept in the dark as to exactly what the Delambre family is up to. The title, Incidentally, refers to a minor factor – grandfather Delambre got himself crossed with a fly while being disintegrated, and his descendants suffer from a fly's short life span. The pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo is effective, but repeated too often, and there are far too many loose ends. There are, however, some moments of suspense and excitement and the three stars, Brian Donlevy, George Baker and Carole Gray do their best with their mediocre material.” – from an uncredited review


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