Curse of the Crimson Altar (1968)

UK, 1968
89m, 7976 feet
35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Vernon Sewell.

Plot Summary

Robert Manning visits the remote house where his missing brother was last seen and learns of the legend of the Black Witch of Greymarsh, Lavinia Morley. How does the legend tie in with his brother’s disappearance? And is it more than just a legend?


Director: Vernon Sewell
Copyright MCMLXVIII [1968] Tigon British Film Productions Ltd.
Tony Tenser presents. Filmed on location by Tigon. British Film Productions Limited
Executive Producer: Tony Tenser
Producer: Louis M. ‘Deke’ Heyward
Associate Producer: Gerry Levy
Production Manager: Alex Carver-Hill
Screenplay by: Mervyn Haisman and Henry Lincoln
From a Story by: Jerry Sohl
Story: The Dreams in the Witch House by H.P. Lovecraft *
Assistant Director: Dennis Lewis
Continuity: Mary Spain
Director of Photography: Johnny Coquillon
Camera Operator: Peter Hendry
Focus Puller: Tony Breeze
Grips: Michael Beauchamp
Editor: Howard Lanning
Editing Assistants: Marion Curren, Jonathan Morris
Processed at: Rank Laboratories, Denham
Music Composed and Conducted by: Peter Knight
Sound Mixer: Kevin Sutton
Dubbing Mixer: Hugh Strain
Dubbing Editor: Dennis Lanning
Costume Designer: Michael Southgate
Make-Up Artists: Pauline Worden, Elizabeth Blatiner
Hairdresser: Ann Fordyce
Art Director: Derek Barrington
Property Master: John Poyner
Construction Manager: Maurice Smith
Production Secretary: Cynthia Palmer
Director of Publicity: Peter Jacques *
Locations: Middlesex, England, UK

Boris Karloff (Professor John Marshe)
Christopher Lee (Morley)
Mark Eden (Robert Manning)
Barbara Steele (Lavinia Morley)
Michael Gough (Elder)
Virginia Wetherell (Eve Morley)
Rosemarie Reede (Esther)
Christine Pryor (party girl)
Michael Warren (chauffeur)
Stephanie Marrion (party girl)
Denys Peek (Peter Manning)
Millicent Scott (stripper at party)
Nita Lorraine (woman with whip)
Tasma Bereton (painted party girl)
Jenny Shaw (2nd virgin)
Lita Scott (girl with cockerel)
Roger Avon (Sergeant Tyson)
Douglas Mitchell (driver in car chase)
Rupert Davies (Vicar Radford)
Derek Tansley (Judge)
Ron Pember (petrol attendant)
Nicholas Head (torture master)
Carol Anne (1st virgin)
Vivienne Carlton (sacrifice victim)
Paul McNeil (party guest)
Kerry Dean, Rosalind Royale (party girls)
Vicky Richards (belly dancer at party)
Terry Raven (driver in car chase)
Nova St. Claire (girl in car chase)

Alternative Titles

The Crimson Altar
The Crimson Cult – US title
Curse of the Crimson Cult
Die Hexe des Grafen Dracula – German TV title
La maison ensorcelĂ©e – French title
Monstret i skräckens hus – Swedish title
The Reincarnation
Schwarze Messe auf blutrotem Altar – German title
Spirit of the Dead
Witch House


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