Cucumber Castle (1970)

UK, 26 December
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British fantasy television special directed by Hugh Gladwish.


On his death bed, a king divides his kingdom into two lands, the Kingdom of Jelly and the Kingdom of Cucumbers and his sons Prince Frederick and Prince Marmaduke become the new rulers.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Hugh Gladwish
© [not given on screen]
The Robert Stigwood Organisation presents a Robert Stigwood Organisation production in association with A.L.S. Television
Executive Producer: Robert Stigwood
Produced by: Mike Mansfield
Associate Producers: Barry & Maurice Gibb
Production Manager: Mark Edwards
Devised & Written by: Barry & Maurice Gibb
Lighting Cameraman: Ben Knoll
Operator: Ray Orton
Focus: Vic Hughes
Editor: David Woodward
Musical Director: Bill Shepherd
Sound: Mike McDuffie, Colin Dandridge
Sound Mixer: David Skilton
Wardrobe: Reg Samuels
Production Assistant: Victoria Ford

Barry Gibb (Prince Frederick)
Maurice Gibb (Prince Mamaduke)
Eleanor Bron (Lady Margerie Pee)
Pat Coombs (Nurse Sarah Charles Bottom)
Julian Orchard (Julian the Lord Chamberlaine)
Blind Faith (Eric Clapton, Ric Grech, Stevie Winwood)
Frankie Howerd (dying king)
Lulu (Lulu the cook)
Vincent Price (Wicked Count Voxville)
Story told by: Peter Blythe
Roger Daltrey *
Donovan *
Marianne Faithfull *
Mick Jagger *
Spike Milligan [the court jester] *



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