Crypt of Dark Secrets (1976)

35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Jack Weis.

Plot Summary

A witch resurrects a murdered Vietnam vet and uses him to take revenge on his killers.


Directed by: Jack Weis
© [not given on screen]
Associated Productions, New Orleans, presents
Produced by: Jack Weis
Screen Play by: Jack Weis
Original Story by: Irwin Blache
Assistant Director: Glenn Stewart
Director of Photography: Irwin Blache
Camera Operator: Don Piel

Ronald Tanet (Ted Watkins)
Maureen Ridley (Damballa)
Herb Jahncke (Sgt. Buck)
Wayne Mack (Lt. Harrigan)
Butch Benit (Earl)
Susie Sirmen (high priestess)
Harry Uher (Max)
Barbara Hagerty (Louise)
Lois Tillman, Cindy Almario, Nattie Dear (voodoo dancers)
Vernel Bagneris (high priest)
Jack Flynn (banker)
John Simmons (other banker)

Alternative Titles

Dark Secrets – USA (video)

Extracts included in
Dusk to Dawn Drive-In Trash-o-Rama Show Vol. 2 (1996)
Extra Weird (2003)



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