Cry of the Banshee (1970)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Gordon Hessler.

Plot Summary

In 16th century rural England, suspected are hunted down and killed by the ruthless magistrate Lord Edward Whitman. But the leader of the persecuted coven, Oona, gets her when she summons up a ‘banshee' (no relation to the creature of Irish mythology) in the shape of a lycanthropic young man, Roderick, who slaughters the Whitman family one-by-one…


Director: Gordon Hessler
© American International Productions MCMLXX [1970]
American International Productions. Samuel Z. Arkoff & James H. Nicholson present
Exec. Producer: Gordon Hessler
Produced by: Louis M. Heyward
Associate Producer: Clifford Parkes
Screenplay by: Tim Kelly & Christopher Wicking
Story by: Tim Kelly
Assistant Director: Ariel Levy
Continuity: Zelda Barron
Lighting Cameraman: John Coquillon
Camera Operator: Les Young
Editor: Oswald Hafenrichter
Assistant Editor: Ean Wood
Color by: Rank Film Labs
Music Composed by: Wilfred Josephs
Conducted by: Philip Martell
Sound Mixer: Kevin Sutton
Dubbing Mixer: Peter Lodge
Dubbing Editor: Michael Redbourn
RCA Sound System
Wardrobe: Dora Lloyd
Make-up: Tom Smith & Betty Blattner
Hairdressing: Ivy Emmerton
Titles: Terry Gilliam
Art Director: George Provis
Set Dresser: Scott Simon
Construction Manager: Bill Miller
Locations: Middlesex, England, UK

Vincent Price (Lord Edward Whitman)
Essy Persson (Lady Patricia Whitman)
Hugh Griffith (Mickey)
Patrick Mower (Roderick)
Hilary Dwyer (Maureen Whitman)
Carl Rigg (Harry Whitman)
Stephen Chase (Sean Whitman)
Marshall Jones (Father Tom)
Andrew McCulloch (bully boy)
Michael Elphick (Burke)
Pamela Moiseiwitsch (maid)
Quinn O'Hara (Maggie)
Jan Rossini (Bess)
Sally Geeson (Sarah)
Robert Hutton (party guest)
Godfrey James (head villager)
Gertan Kaluber (tavern keeper)
Peter Benson (Brander)
Guy Deghy (party guest)
Richard Everett (Timothy)
Louis Selwyn (apprentice)
Mickey Baker (rider)
Ann Barrass (villager)
Jane Deady (naked girl)
Carol Desmond (girl)
Joyce Mandre (party guest)
Elizabeth Bergner as Oona
Pamela Farbrother (Margaret Donald)
Nancy Meckler, Hugh Portnow, Stephen Rea, Maurice Colbourne, Dinah Stabb, Tony Sibbald, Neil Johnston, Rowan Wylie, Tim Thomas, Ron Sahewk, Maya Roth, Philly Howell, Guy Pierce (villagers)

Alternative Titles

Cry of the Banshees – early title 1This is the title given in a full page ad from AIP in Today's Cinema no.9647 (12 March 1969) p.10
Satana in corpo – Italy
Der Todesschrei der Hexen – Germany
Zwiastun smierci – Poland


Fangoria no.224 (July 2003) p.66
Banshee is deadly dull for the most part, an uninteresting rehash of witchcraft and werewolf themes that wastes Vincent Price and Essy Persson. It's best element is easily Terry Gilliam's original opening credits. – from an illustrated review (DVD Dungeon: Cry of the Banshee/Murders in the Rue Morgue) by Matthew Kiernan



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