Crucible of Terror (1971)

91m, 8119 feet
35mm film, colour
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Ted Hooker. In the UK, the film was released on a double bill with La figlia di Frankenstein (1971).

Plot Summary

The sculptures of the mysterious artist Victor, sold in London galleries by his son Michael, seem unnervingly lifelike. But Victor's work has become increasingly rare in recent times and a dealer desperate to see more decides to call on the reclusive artist where he discovers the terrible secret of Victor's art…


Director: Ted Hooker
Executive Producer: Peter Newbrook
Producer: Tom Parkinson
Production Manager: Ted Sturgis
Script: Ted Hooker, Tom Parkinson
Assistant Director: Roger Simons
Director of Photography: Peter Newbrook
Editor: Maxine Julius
Music: Paris Rutherford
Costume Designer: Mary Gibson
Make Up: Jimmy Evans
Hair: Jan Dorman
Art Director: Arnold Chapkis
Locations: Cornwall, England, UK; St Agnes, Cornwall, England, UK

Mike Raven (Victor)
James Bolam (John Davies)
Mary Maude (Millie)
Ronald Lacey (Michael)
Betty Alberge (Dorothy)
John Arnatt (Bill)
Beth Morris (Jane)
Judy Matheson (Marcia)
Melissa Stribling (Joanna Brent)
Kenneth Keeling (George)
Me Me Lay (Chi-San)

Alternative Titles

La fabbrica dell'orrore – Italian title
Der Leichengießer – West German title

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