Crowhaven Farm (1970)

USA, 24 November
35mm film, colour, 4:3
mono (“recorded by Glen Glenn Sound”), English
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

An American horror television film directed by Walter Grauman.

Plot Summary

The Porters, Maggie and Ben, are a childless couple who narrowly miss out on inheriting Crowhaven Farm when it's left instead to another beneficiary. He dies in a car crash, leaving Maggie to inherit the farm and the couple soon move in, hoping to patch up their difficult relationship. Maggie is soon feeling uncomfortable in the house and wants to leave but Ben is insistent that they stay. She starts having dreams that feel like flashbacks and begins to feel like she's been in the farm before and her fears are hardly mollified when she learns from local historian Harold Dane that the farm was associated with the Brampton Witches, a notorious puritan-era coven. Still unable to have a child, they decide to adopt a local 10-year-old orphan, Jennifer who becomes obsessed with her new parents, Ben in particular, at one point climbing into bed with him. “I'll give anything to have a child,” Maggie tells her doctor, “anything,” pretty much sealing her fate – and sure enough she's soon pregnant – but who, or what, is the father?


Directed by: Walter Grauman
© Aaron Spelling Productions, Inc. 1970
Aaron Spelling Productions, Inc. presents
Executive in Charge of Production: Norman Henry
Production Executive: Philip Barry
Produced by: Walter Grauman
Associate Producer: John McGreevey
Written by: John Mcgreevey
Director of Photography: Fleet Southcott
Editorial Supervisor: Art Seid
Editor: Aaron Stell
Music Composed by: Robert Drasnin
Sound Engineer: Barry Thomas
Costumes: Robert Harris
Make Up: Ted Goodley
Hairstylist: Bette Iverson
Art Director: Tracy Bousman
Casting Supervisor: Betty Martin
Filmed at Paramount Studios

Hope Lange (Maggie Porter)
Paul Burke (Ben Porter)
Lloyd Bochner (Kevin Pierce)
John Carradine (Nate Cheever)
Cyril Delevanti (Harold Dane)
Milton Selzer (Dr Temriner)
Patricia Barry (Felicia)
Cindy Eilbacher (Jennifer)
Woodrow Parfrey (Sam Wardwell)
June Dayton (Madeleine Wardwell)
Virginia Gregg (Mercy Lewis)
Louise Troy (Claire Allen)
Ross Elliott (Fritz Allen)
William Smith (Patrolman Hayes)
Pitt Herbert (Henry Pearson)
Dennis Cross (Police Chief Connors)

Alternative Titles

A Fazenda Crowhaven – Brazilian title
A Fazenda de Crowhaven – Brazilian title
La ferme des Crowhaven – French Canadian title
La granja maldita – Argentine title
La granja maldita – Mexican title
Il rifugio del corvo – Italian title
Le terrible secret – French title
Ферма Кроухэвен – Russian title

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