Creatures the World Forgot (1971)

UK, USA, 1970
92m, 95m
35mm, Technicolor

A British/American fantasy film directed by Don Chaffey. It was the fourth and final of Hammer's prehistoric fantasies.

Plot Summary

A volcano and earthquake kills many of a dark-haired prehistoric tribe, including their leader and the survivors are caught up in a power struggle between Mak and Zen. Seizing control, Mak leads the survvors in search of a new home, coming across a tribe of fair-haired people before settling in a valley. Many years later, two of the children of the tribe, with parents from dark-haired and fair-haired tribes, begin a vicious struggle for control of the tribe.


Directed by: Don Chaffey
© MCMLXX [1970] Hammer Film Productions Limited
Columbia Pictures presents a Hammer production
Produced by: Michael Carreras
Production Manager: Jack Martin
Written by: Michael Carreras
1st. Asst. Director: Ferdinand Fairfax
2nd. Asst. Director: Simon Peterson
Continuity: Lolly Walder
Director of Photography: Vincent Cox
Second Unit Cameraman: Ray Sturgess
Camera Operator: Ernie Robinson
Lighting: Mole Richardson
Stills Cameraman: Albert Clarke
Editor: Chris Barnes
Music Composed by: Mario Nascimbene
Music Supervisor: Philip Martell
Sound Recordist: John Streeter
Sound Editors: Roy Hyde, Terry Poulton
Dubbing Mixer: Ken Barker
Sound Recorded at: Pinewood Studios, London
Westrex Sound System
Wardrobe Master: Roy Ponting
Wardrobe Mistress: Rosemary Burrows
Make-up Supervisor: Bill Lodge
Hairdressing Supervisor: Jeanette Freeman
Special Effects: Sid Pearson
Production Designer: John Stoll
Asst. Art Directors: Roy Taylor, Justin Magavin
Technical Advisor: Adrien Boshier
Animals: Uwe D. Schutz
Locations: South Africa *
Location Management: Sun Safaris
Casting Director: James Liggat

Julie Ege (the girl (Nala))
Tony Bonner (the fair boy (Toomak))
Brian O'Shaughnessy (the father (Mak))
Robert John (the dark boy (Rool))
Rosalie Crutchley (the old crone)
Marcia Fox (the mute girl)
Beverley Blake, Doon Baide (the young lovers)
Don Leonard (the old leader)
Sue Wilson [the mother (Noo) – uncredited]
Gerard Bonthuys [the young fair boy – uncredited]
Hans Kiesouw [the young dark boy – uncredited]
Josje Kiesouw [the young dumb girl – uncredited]
Frank Hayden [the murderer – uncredited]
Rosita Moulan [the dancer – uncredited]
Frank Swart [the marauder leader – uncredited]
Ken Hare [the leader of the fair tribe – uncredited]
Derek Ware [the hunter – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

Criaturas olvidadas del mundo – Spanish title
Istoty z zapomianego swiata – Polish title
La lotta del sesso sei milioni di anni fa – Italian title
Sex vor sechs Millionen Jahren – German title
Uga-uga – ihmishirviöiden maa – Finnish title

Extracts included in
The World of Hammer: Lands Before Time (1994)


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