Crash! Che botte… strippo strappo stroppio (1973)

Italy, Hong Kong,
35mm film, Techniscope, Technicolor, 2.35:1
mono, Italian, Mandarin
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An Italian/Hong Kong comedy science fiction film directed by Bitto Albertini using the name Adalberto Albertini.

Plot Summary

FBI agent Robert Wallace is sent to Bangkok on the trail of missing American expatriates and comes into possession of a superhero costume that makes him invincible.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Adalberto Albertini [real name: Bitto Albertini]
© [not given on screen]
A film produced by Attilio Fattori, INDIEF S.p.a., Tino Biasia
Production Manager: Alberto Quaglini
Production Supervisor: Emanuele Giorgi
Screenplay by: Bitto Albertini and Gino Capone
Story by: Bitto Albertini
Assistant Director: Vittorio Saele
Script Supervisor: Anita Borgiotti
Director of Photography: Pier Luigi Santi
Camera Operator: Sandro Bastoni [real name: Alessandro Bastoni]
Gaffer: Bruno Brenna
Key Grip: Gianfranco Rocchetti
Edited by: Fausto Ulisse
Music by: Nico Fidenco
Conductor: G. Dell'Orso [real name: Giacomo Dell'Orso]
Music Publishers: CAM
Sound: Gaetano Testa
Dubbing Cooperative: C.I.D.
Recording: C.D.S.
Costumes by: Adriana Spadaro
Costumes: GP 11
Make-up: Alberto Travaglini [real name: Alberto Trevaglini]
Art Director: Boni Fraulo
Master of Arms: Chen Hsin [real name: Hsin Ie Chen]
Locations: Hong Kong *
Studios: Elios Film

Robert Malcolm (Captain [Robert] Wallace)
Antonio Cantafora (Max)
Sal Borgese [real name: Salvatore Borghese] (Jerry)
Lieh Lo (Master Tang)
Szu Shih (mysterious girl [Suzy])
Tung Lin [real name: Lin Tung] (Chen-Loh)
Alberto Farnese (Colonel Roger)
Liu Hui-Ling [real name: Hui-Ling Liu] (girlfriend)
Ling Chiang (girlfriend)
Jacques Dufilho (American consul)
Isabella Biagini (consul's wife)

Alternative Titles

Çin Macerasi – Turkish title
Drei Spaghetti in Shanghai – West German title
Os Invencíveis no Oriente – Portuguese title
Si wang yi hou – Cantonese Hong Kong title
Supermen against the Orient – English language title
Los Supermens contra Oriente – Spanish title
The Three Fantastic Supermen in the Orient – English language title
Les trois superman du – French title

Sequel to
I fantastici 3 $upermen (1967)
3 Supermen a Tokio (1968)
Che fanno i nostri supermen tra le vergini della giungla? (1970)
…e così divennero i 3 supermen del West (1973)

Superuomini, superdonne, superbotte (1974)
Meng long zheng dong (1975)
Süpermenler (1979)
Üç Süpermen olimpiyatlarda (1984)
3 Supermen in Santo Domingo (1986)

Extracts included in
Dusk to Dawn Drive-In Trash-o-Rama Show Vol. 3 (1996)

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